Kancil Suspension?

So can anyone tell me what is the suitable absorber and suspension for kancil? ( I prefer good at cornering and maybe comfort a bit ) and also what kind of tire that give a good grip on dry and wet and also for cornering? I’m still new about car, so much appreciate if you guys can give me useful info about about suspension and absorber for small car like kancil.

when asking this type of question, best to put your approximate budget.

otherwise I’ll just recommend Tein Flex-K and Goodyear Eagle F1, which for both item would costs as much as your kancil’s resale value. :slight_smile:

For Kancil… if U afford I advise U to buy MONROE. Krokop 5 shop got sell this brand. Good handling but the price not cheap, less then 1K of course. For cheap & comfort… rear use apm gas & front use normal apm. Don’t buy kayaba.

ok, maybe 1.5k and below.

So buy full set MONROE

i’d put my money on GAB. short stroke sport absorber and lowered spring is good enough for firmer ride and daily use.

but the recently launched Pro-Ride suspensions (local brand) also received numerous positive feedback. u might want to google more of it before making your final purchasing decision.

just tune up your existing back shocks

problem solved and no money spent