Kancil "Drowned" in pool of water


i dunno how to post eh video up…so i put it up like this.

Shared by my friend on FB, so i share here again lols

I help you


will insurance pay for this?


i dun think so, since its not an accident.

as far as i know…in country such as Japan and Taiwan…
the government will pay for any damage cause by failure of public property…

They pay TAXES to build the country, and any incident cause by such poor state of structure…the country will pay for the damage, since they failed to serve the people who paid money for it… is what they said in Taiwan…

uhuhu…remembering me, my friend and my kancil before drowned near of Kelab Shell Lutong at 3am in the morning, heavy rain, flooded road, drunk sending my friend back to kpg pasir. jump to the ‘T’ junction near to KBL…

bodoh punya berdiri sana buat apa…tgok sja kerja, bkan nya tlg org…kalau kmu lah org yg dlm kereta tu…apa kmu akn rasa…stupid of people…dh mati kot org…stupid human said tat word without helping…

where is that place?


i believe the driver and passengers have been already evacuated.

People are born to be curious . Its their nature . Even you i think , would look at whats causing the jam up ahead and comment :stuck_out_tongue:

Freak accidents. Looks like a magic trick haha!

Miri got few potholes suddenly appear around columbia asia road and traffic light area before columbia asia last year i think …

Deep pot holes that show hollow gaps underneath it… scary.

movefreedom…please consider the following…

1, have you seen anyone DIED drowning inside the car?

2, they are civilian, normal human…it’s unlikely to move the car out by bare hands…

3,what do you meant by stupid of people? for me, commenting without thinking is stupid…

I’m guessing that’s another troll ??
Suddenly jump to my thread and start shooting =="

@Athrun, does our country have ?? if got, its good news for the driver…but then again…its Malaysia we talking about…later many many excuse come out again.
Maybe the driver can lodge a complaint to the Jabatan Kerja Raya and ask for compensation. which i also think might be futile, what do u think?

welll… “guo Pei” will never happen in our country~

But honestly, really kelian the driver.

Dunno the enjin still can use or not, coz already masuk water liao.

i tot iklan toyota vios,the cardboard wit the monster eatg the jogger.