Kampung Peliau (III) short tunnel

So many picture can taken over there, but not enough times, because the
flood tide, amost trap over there, but I will still go there, until I discover all hole over there.


how come no one respone to the topic ? :shock: I love the series I,II & III.

thanks for sharing :smiley:

Must’ve missed this post - never seen it before. Nice pics! At what time did you go visit it? Seems like early afternoon / noon.

Mind telling the exact location of this nice place? Would love to pay a visit one of these day… Is it somewhere in Bekenu area?

i feel the 1st pic doesn’t work with the senget feel

Yes! near by bekenu area, I will go there one more time after I come back from china, may be around 18 Nov 2007.

Yes! we go there early afternoon, but it is not a right time, next time I will go there early in the morning…

wonderful art work of nature =D

thx for sharing these marvellous work done by thru the nature force