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Why can’t men be in skirt as often as women in pants?

Why Not?? :roll:

I always see men in skirt at Pelita Servay hypermart. :lol:

Before that… Why must men be in skirt in the first place? I think there are lots of ways to show the feminine side / softer side of men then dressing like one…

Bcoz of men wear skirts, they wud b knwn as d ‘pondannsss’… :lol: :lol:

Because that’s how it is. Equal rights indeed! :lol:

Scottish men wear scottish kilt. (skirt look alike)

PLUS I have seen men in skirts and they look very masculine. Why not? :slight_smile:

Ppl wud re-act immediately upon seeing guys wearing skirts; whch lead 2 many perseptions, it may b gud o bad feedbcks…bt thn agn, hv we eva wonder wat’s wrong wt d idea of men wearing skirts??

As 4 d ladies, apart frm wearing skirt, they do wear pants as well n nthg awkward abt it…bt whn guys wearing skirt, ppl tend 2 judge… :?

[quote=“Stef”]Scottish men wear scottish kilt. (skirt look alike)

PLUS I have seen men in skirts and they look very masculine. Why not? :)[/quote]

Please explain - how is that? Of course, unless you confused skirt with towels / kilts / sarung.

if men where skirt then every1 thought is strange…
but it should be normal if men wear sarung rite? (atleast in m’sia i think…)


How is this masculine?

Wow… that guy seems so… normal… in that skirt.

The stereotypes that men need to be “men” have gotten stronger and more defined over the years.

I think it’s just men perpetuating the “we are men, men do this and this and not that and that”.

Maybe that’s what you think, but I don’t think ‘perpetuating’ is the correct term to be used. It’s one of those things that ‘just is’.

But by accepting it as something that ‘just is’, wouldn’t that basically perpetuate it too?

Ian, I should say, it is really how that person carry himself in skirt? I have a friend who is very fashionable and daring. He wore skirt to Uni one day and everyone looked at him. Not because of him looking weird but because he looked good in skirt! Very masculin even when he was in the skirt. :slight_smile: How is that? I don’t know. He just carry himself well. I have seen male models in skirt and they look fantastic!

I don’t know, maybe it’s also about the same as saying water doesn’t the have attributes as gas is perpetuating it as well.

My point is that there are marked differences in the male and female gender. Why do you think most boys prefer cars, mechanicals and various other quirks? Why do they have higher chances of speeding and getting killed in accidents when young (check your insurance on young MALE drivers under age of 21).

Influence from others has some effect, yes, but mostly it has to do with their interest, and that’s how the masses are for the gender. The saying goes - boys will always be boys.

I mean, why do guys prefer watching sports channel than the home & health channel? Is it a macho thing? Do you think they secretly tune in to discovery Home & Health when no one is around because they are actually really interested that but they watch sport to show how macho they are in front of others?

The answer is no. They really that are interested in sports/stereotypical guy stuff (There WILL be exceptions but just bear with my point for a moment).

As for skirt- I personally wouldn’t care about how my wardrobe looked, as long as I am presentable that is fine. In fact, I would wear the same old jeans over and over again, even when holes emerge in the fabric and I’ll probably change it only when there is a hole in the crotch area of my jeans.

Therefore, a skirt won’t be of any interest to me at all even if it were marketed as a guy fashion stuff. You can verify this already by looking at how big(small) men’s department is in shopping malls compared to women’s departments.

The only reason I wear something different is when my mother asked me to (when I was young) or my girlfriend asked me to (now).

101 Men’s store in Boulevard DOWNSIZED since it opened. And before that, the only people you see shopping there are women, who buy gifts for their husbands / boyfriend. Even if the few men are there looking for items are either accompanied by their wives or girlfriends who would point out things for them to buy.

And that’s just how it is.

If skirt really looked that good on men… I’m sure people like Brad Pitt or even Rain will be parading the cat walk along with heidi klum and kate mose… but, why it isn’t happening? where’s the value?

Of course, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder… not here to judge anyone comments… but, funny how the world today seems to gone so much astray… I bet the next topic will be on “men’s bikini”?? :shock:

but, funny how the world today seems to gone so much astray…

I don’t know. The world of yesterday was far worse of with witch burnings and murder / rape / disorganization & war.

Well, Stef - if you thought that guy in skirt looked muscular, maybe it’s because it’s short enough to reveal his leg hair ? :lol:

Cmmon guys, tk it easy k…on 2nd thot, it wud b fun 2 c all d guys wearing skirts drg 1 of MC.Net gathering in d future tho…

runnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :lol: :lol:

Picture this…