Just a question for fun : You can choose only one

You can choose ONLY one between the following guns
Galacticweapon : Lets you go ahead in future ranging from 1 year to 100 years (takes 2% the time of forwarded time to recharge)

Ancientweapon : Lets you go back in past ranging from 1 day to 50 years (takes 2% of reversed time to recharge)

You have on choice , you can’t change the gun

Which one would you choose and WHY ?

I would just ignore the what 2% charge stuff to decide my answer.
I would choose Ancient Weapon. Too much regrets and things those were not done at those time, would want to fix everything.

Exactly , nobody wants to go in ■■■■■■ up future fast , but going in past ? now that’s something , all the mistakes that has been done can be done

If this weapon exists, there will be so many dimensions of life appeared. Each person who granted that weapon will turn on another new world of their own. Source Code the movie has the idea. Just saying, have a nice day.