JPJ's Notice

Does anyone here knows what JPJ’s Seksyen 114 (1) Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987 is all about?

Received a letter this morning from JPJ this morning about this matter.


Maybe you can elaborate more on what’s the letter containing?


Adalah dimaklumkan Jabatan ini telah menerima aduan terhadap pemandu/kenderaan No. Pendaftaran (my car registration number)

Tarikh :
Masa :
Tempat :
Butir-butiran aduan : S 14(1)APJ 87

Jabatan ini mempercayai bahawa pihak tuan dapat membantu Jabatan ini menjalankan siasatan terhadap aduan di atas bawah Seksyen 114 (1) Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987. Dengan ini tuan diminta supaya hadir di Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Cawangan Miri pada/sebelum (the date).

That’s what written in the letter and I dont understand what is it all about coz it’s in bahasa malaysia and I hv poor bahasa. :frowning:

So I hope anyone here can help me lor. Coz the car during the time and date specified was driven by my mom as I was outstation and now she refused to go to JPJ coz she said she didn’t commit any offence lah. So I also binggung a bit. Want to know what is it all about before I try to convince her to go JPJ with me. :slight_smile:

My husband too once received a letter from JPJ but i do not recall what seksyen it was
but you can check weather your car are tinted or not?
or your plate number does not follow the rite standard
well thats all i know…
good luck

so obvisously, someone wrote a complain about your car.

There is a section on jpj web site, where public can make a complain about certain driver.

That’s the problem with anonymous reporting. It’s a bad system. Different people have different perceptions of how you’re driving.

Can’t help you with your problem though, anyone familiar with JPJ’s section 114?

Really? My goodness. I wonder what did my mom do. Anyway, thanks Racers. I will try to convince her to go JPJ to clarify then. Btw, do u hv JPJ’s website?

I have…

Thanks Summer77.

Ian, I agreed with you.

Now I checked with my mom for the 10th times and she’s already screaming at me saying she didn’t commit any offence or drive/parked anyhow. Sigh!! I’m going to find out what is the complain all about. :cry:

I would appreciate if anyone of u here knows what is the Seksyen 114 all about.

This website got all the details BUT unfortunately don have the seksyen 114 (1)
it only got seksyen 114 (2) so hope it helps… … uasa04.pdf

4.Gagal mempamerkan nombor pendaftaran
atau nombor tidak jelas atau mengelirukan
atau tidak mengikut saiz yang ditetapkan
Seksyen 14(1) Seksyen 14(4) RM 100.00

(found in the pdf web)

maybe is this one…

Thanks Summer77. You have been a great help. I hope it is nothing serious. Thank you so much. :o

You’re welcome…

A friendly reminder. If it’s really your car plate no. not clear or not according to the standard, you better fix it before you go to the JPJ’s appointment…

so what happen?is this saman ekor?

i think ur mom secretly used it to race in the bz miri streets
try to kol JPJ hotline if u have it n ask…
who know they might terus tahan d car if u go JPJ…
hm, now we hv dat system in place, can we complain suka ati?

you can bring your letter and go to JPJ looking for enforcement officer 1st. They will tell you what to do. B4 that dont bring your car. they wouldn’t catch you.

Really? Thanks. I think I know what is with the notice already. I’ve just double checked and during that time, my car plate was what they described as FANCY CAR PLATE. :cry: Didn’t know it is consider fancy car plate till someone told me today. Sigh! I will get it changed before going to JPJ.

Anyway, thanks guys for helping me with it. :lol:

just curious. does the tipster get monetary reward for informing JPJ? if yes, it’s going to be scary!!!

That, I seriously have no idea. :lol: