‘Jom Kurus 1M’ works wonders for 15

MIRI: Fifteen persons taking part in a Jom Kurus 1Malaysia (JK1M) weight loss programme at Miri level gave their thumbs-up to the nationwide fitness programme.

Participant Syazasuhana Ramli was happy to be five kilos lighter – from 73kg to 68kg – by joining the six-week weight loss challenge.

During this programme, I learned about diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.

We made new friends who shared the same goal, which is to stay healthy, she said at the closing ceremony of the JK1M Miri held at Nur Hotel on Thursday.

Syazasuhana admitted that during the first few weeks of the programme, she found the diet the hardest part to adhere to, as did most participants, since it meant having to give up favourite foods that would not help weight loss.

To attain the goal, we had to be focussed and only eat healthy food, she said.

The team leader cum fitness coach for the Miri programme, Zulfadzli Drus, said the nationwide programme entered its fourth season this year.

The programme running from Jan 17 to Feb 28 this year was the second for Miri.

The first programme was conducted last year but less than 10 turned up as few people knew about it then.

We are looking forward to get more people to join the next season of our programme here, scheduled for September this year.

On the weight loss challenge, he revealed that the participants shed an average of three kilogrammes each during the programme.

The three who lost the most weight were Syazasuhana Ramli with a 5kg loss, Rachol Sator (4kg) and Noraini Othman (3kg).

He said Noraini started on her diet in early November last year, but it was only now through this programme that she managed to lose 12kg, from 107kg.

JK1M is a nationwide weight loss programme conducted by its founder Kevin Zahri, a United States (US) certified personal health fitness trainer.

The programme was participated by thousands of people over the course of three seasons.

Among activities for the six week programme were talks on nutrition, group training, healthy lifestyle and outdoor group training for physical fitness and endurance.