Condom says to Kotex,
‘When you work, I lose seven days of business.’

Kotex replies, 'If you fail to work once, my business stops for nine months


A camel and an elephant met, and the elephant asked: ‘Why do you have your ■■■■ on your back?’

The camel responded: ‘What a silly question from someone who has a d*ck on his face!’


A black guy and a white girl met at a nite club. She took him to her apartment and said: ‘tie me to the bed and do what black men do best!’

so he ran off with the TV and VCD…


Wife: ‘I wish I were a newspaper, so you can hold me every morning!’

Husband: 'I wish you’re a newspaper TOO, my dear so
I can have a NEW ONE every morning!


A Chinese couple got married. When baby was born, her eyes were big and blue, hair was curly and blonde, skin was brown.

Finally, name of the baby was SAM TING LONG (‘some thing wrong’)


A lady visited her doctor one morning.

Doc said: 'You look so weak and exhausted! Are you eating your meals 3 times a day as I advised?

Lady : ‘Doc, I thought you said 3 males a day!’


Phone rings and maid picks up the phone as her master is bathing…

When the caller asked what’s he doing, the maid Replied: ‘MASTURBATING.’(master bathing)




Like the last one. hahahahhah. sebutan not correct :mrgreen:


silv3r, your avatar so scary