Join Cabell Enterprise Scene Survey!


We are from Cabell Enterprise and we are here to bring you only the best events and DJs both international and local down to miri just for you. We would appreciate if you can fill up the survey poll so that we are able to give you what you want. We also just want to bring down interesting experience just for our Miricommunity because we LOVE miri and we are proud to be Mirians!! :slight_smile:

For those of you who don’t understand / know what the genres are in the above poll, visit our DJ’s imeem profile to preview the songs.


Genre of each song are as below:

  1. Mazaino - Take control Harder (mikesh remix) ==> Hardstyle
  2. Grady G - Maggot ==> HardNRG
  3. Captain Tinrib pres Omega 3 - We can Fly ==> Hardhouse
  4. Cascada - How do you do (verano remix) ==> Hands Up
  5. Cool Grey - Silent Wishes (Hard rmx) ==> HardTrance
  6. Carl Falk - Plast ==> Techno/TribalTechno
  7. unknown - Schranz Me Slippy ==> HardTechno / Schranz
  8. Marcel Woods - Advanced (Scot Project rmx) ==> TechTrance
  9. Tiesto pres Allure - The Love We Lost ==> Trance

Enjoy Listening!! :smiley:

how is your party at kch BXB?? at santubong issit??

If possible, give an example of each type of music here!

If possible, give an example of each type of music here!

Isoundstream: It was not organized by us. They hired our DJs to spin and It was held in civic centre.

NiceJackson: I will give links for listening purposes in a bit :slight_smile:

i prefer electro, tribal house for the moment…

Thats awsome I love miri. anything Tribal tempts people to dance. Any more votes guys? Please vote more so that we know how to reward you. :slight_smile: