wat is the jobscop as an aircraft maintenance Engineer ?

Plans, coordinates, directs, and/or performs engineering assignments involving specifications for, and design changes or alterations to, aircraft, engines, systems, components, and field or shop equipment; investigates and analyzes project requirements and operating problems and develops recommended solutions to meet company governmental safety and performance standards including Minimum Equipment List (MEL); evaluates, selects, applies, and/or adapts engineering modifications; designs or recommends new or modified parts and components; analyzes reparability of parts and components; evaluates operating data on parts, components, and systems to establish causes and to determine remedies for wear, malfunctions, or premature removals; analyzes and evaluates aircraft and associated equipment proposals; prepares technical data, procedures, reports, drawings, manuals, and other required publications.

Responsible for writing and the validation and maintenance of organizational-level technical publications for C-130 aircraft which includes Structure Repair Manuals, Nondestructive Inspection Manuals, Corrosion Prevention and Control Manuals, Loose Equipment Manuals, Aircraft Battle Damage Repair Manuals, and Work Unit Code Manuals. Technical publications experience and knowledge of airplane structure is preferred. Publications are developed and maintained in LM Aeronautics Automated Technical Manual (ATM) and Virtually Integrated System for Technical Authoring (VISTA) Publications Systems utilizing Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). Knowledge of desktop publishing and SGML authoring tools is desired. Knowledge of aircraft/mechanical/airframe systems. The ability to read and interpret engineering, supplier, and customer documentation is essential. Able to effectively interact and communicate with customers, vendors, engineering, and other organizations to define aircraft maintenance requirements. Familiar with the following specifications: ATA 100 Specifications for Manufacturers Technical Data, MIL-STD-1808 (USAF) - System/Subsystem/Subject Numbering System, and MIL-STD-38784 - Technical Manual General Style and Format. Computer literacy including proficiency with MS Office Suite is desired.

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this post require any licence ? wat kind of licence…

sorry my cousein thinking to taking up this course … but not so sure wat actaully the course study …

izzit need to study until degree ?

aircraft engineer need only be competent in prioritising, analysing, solving, & then getting the machine flying… Safely
All comes with experience.

a licence is required to sign for any work carried out on commercial aircraft.
Licences are issued by Department of Civil Aviation & are covered by Statute Law. ie. You are held responsible for your signature.
it is gained by validation of work experience, followed by DCA written & oral examinations, for each discipline.

Degree is not required, but can assist in certain management positions.
Malaysian college in KL will shortly start courses, giving the student an Internationally recognised certificate in AME.

Currently is a massive requirement for talented engineers, of the ‘hands-on’ type, willing & able to work anywhere globally, Oil&Gas.


How abt EASA ? did u heard this EASA b4?

Izit same as Aerospace Engineer ?

sorry … i think i ask too many question … :wink:

EASA is the European Aviation Safety Agency, & is that they authorise/regulate/monitor the Aerospace Engineer.
they cover JAR, Joint Airworthiness Regulations, which is parrallel to daniel’s American FAA.
These two authorities set the standards globally for anyone involved in the Aerospace industry.

Currently Malaysian Legislation in this Industry adheres to the old British Civil Airworthieness Regulations & the law book ‘The Air Navigation Order’.
This will change over to be in parrallel with the new European regulations, within 3 to 4 years.
Australia likewise, will also follow, again currently similar to old UK.

The courses for engineers shortly to be introduced in KL, will be to the European standards, with European certs.
It’s that at the moment with the many diverse locations that you can be employed in… Africa, Asia, Middle East, etc,
that the JAR licence is readily acceptable by all legislative dept’s.

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