Job fair 2008

There will be a Job Fair at next weekend, organized by Labour Department, Sarawak.

Date: 15-16 November 2008

Time: 08:30am - 05:00pm

Venue: Indoor Stadium, Miri.

All are welcome to the “JOB FAIR 2008”

any clue what company will be participating?

there will be Goverment Jabatan Kesihatan Dan Keselamatan(healty n safety), PERKESO(SOCSO), Institut Latihan. Samling, SY, and Offshore company, cos this time they did not give us list name which company joining.

a lot O&G company joining?

as far as i know Petronas also participate

i tot there is one job fair just end previously? now a new one again?

should be lor coz this time it is quite suprising that the job fair going to do it again normally it annouced few weeks before

Previous one is organized by SUPP and this one organized by government…

yeah previous is organized by SUPP and this one is 2nd time by Government

i wan go find job there…YES!!

u r tauke already, still nid find job meh~ :mrgreen:

cacatkia, u go find job, i watch over ur shop :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

do we need to get ready resume or cvs , or just fill up the form then wait for calling if success?

yeah need to bring ur resume n cvs, n every company will hv the application form for u all to fill, n attached the resume cv and photo lo, some will direct interview n some will call u up for inetrview when the job fair is finish lo

Hi Rachelle,

Thanks for the info

register your email at to receive vacancies newsletter in miri, etc…

hope i can get job this time… haiz… depressed…

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wuwuwu… i want to get respondent…i want to convo

Chin, I wish I can help you…