JKR, MMC or Miri city too rich? Double job at Centre Point

Who false?? JKR not planing well?? MMC do not planing well? or Miri city too rich and need to spent more money to do this kind of “big project”?

If you passby centre point, pls take a look for this project (In front of Lorenzol)

There is more bigger area that can be use. WHY MUST USE there? So that JKR, MMC got more job to do?


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http://img255.imageshack.us/my.php?imag … akehy2.jpg

Maybe we can ask the so-called road design expert con-insultants.

Yeah… the trees and hydrants right smack at the top of perfectly good parking spots is kind of annoying.
It’s not just there too, they have them around several spot in town.

I get particularly annoyed with the hydrants because they stay hidden right up until you’re turning to park there.
(I remember getting fooled a couple times by one near Bintang Plaza)

= deleted with apology =

aduhh…clam down guys. that lamp post will be remove soon. they just renovated it for another one extra exist. :slight_smile:
MMC consultant wont do that such fool design.

yup i know it will remove it very soon.
i saw they remove it this morning but when they do not want to make another extra exist at another area??
but at the middle of the lamp post??
maybe d can make our economy better and let more and more ppl got job/ project to do (another group of ppl come to remove d lamp post) else there will more ppl jobless in Miri.

well…maybe due to late payment so perhaps they work slowly too.

Dear Viv,

Miri is so much blessed with a concern citizen like you but I’m very sure there is justification to what the council is doing. The location might be due to the design requirements. Thus, the design of the exit and entrance should be together. As for the contractors efficiency in carrying out the works, that’s just something we have to live with.

Good day.

that is what a QS say…so dont pray pray ah… :stuck_out_tongue:

because the management ordered the worker to put 1 post every 5 meters so wat can he do??? hahaha he got no handphone to call the management for approval so tat’s the consequence.

One thing donno whether anyone has ever notice…why the road has to be “tarred” or increase the layer of tar every now and then? I was told the reason for this is to improve the road condition, but why don’t do it at one lump sum? coz if I’m not mistaken, other countries doesn’t practise “tarring” the road every now and then…