JASMA Intercooler

1)Jasma Intercooler (Bar & Plate Fin)

Front-mount Intercooler with exceptional cooling capabilities

Unique Fins maximize heat transfer; ultra-low pressure drop

Highly efficient fin core design specifically engineered for front-mount applications.

Straggered inner-fins also provide considerably more cooling than non-straggered designs.
2)ARC Intercooler (ARC Fin)

Brand Age: New


1)JASMA Intercooler

             BAR & PLATE STYLE		
         [u]Size	In/Outlet	[/u]	         [u] Selling Price[/u]

1 600x300x76 x2.5inx RM420.00
2 510x300x76x2.5inx RM380.00
3 450x300x76x2.5in x RM350.00
4 410x230x65x2.5in x RM300.00
5 330x230x65x2.5in x RM260.00
6 330x155x65x2.5in x RM240.00
7 450x230x65x2.5in x RM320.00
8 600x300x65x2.5 in x RM370.00
9 510x300x65x2.5in x RM340.00
10 470x300x65x2.5inx RM330.00
11 320x155x65x2.5in ** RM240.00
12 510x230x65x2in ** RM330.00
13 450x180x65x2.5in ** RM280.00
14 280x300x76x3in ** RM300.00
15 550x180x65x2.5in ** RM320.00

  1. ARC Intercooler

     [u]Size	In/Outlet	[/u]	         [u] Selling Price[/u]

450mm X 180mm X 70mm 2" xRM380
450mm X 300mm X 70mm 2.5" xRM485
510mm X 240mm X 70mm 2.5" xRM465
600mm X 300mm X 70mm 3" xRM600
600mm X 300mm X 100mm 3" xRM770

Dealing method: Pos Laju, Kangaroo Courier Service

Contact method/details:call or sms 017-2292882(jack)

  • Transportation will be charged RM60 per piece
  • Dealer welcome call in

Term and condition
1.NO claims or good return will be accepted after product warranty time

2.Goods SOLD are not returnable.

3.Buyer please make sure the product is suitable to install for your car.

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