Japanese language lesson

Which and where can learn japanese lesson for me to attend? any suggestion?

how about korean?

I don’t think so.
Last time there is but… Hmmm…

Aww…i was planning to learn to get a verified cert. Seems like they close down or something. Anyways, thank you for respond.

You can self-taught using books and then take the exam, then you can also acquire the certification.
I plan to do this but still don’t have enough time yet.

good point~ I should do that… but where to register for the exam? any ideas?

You aiming to take the level 1 Japanese?Japan Language Proficiency Test

ohh! thank you @dornz . ‘w’/ i will look into it.

dornz said:
You aiming to take the level 1 Japanese?http://jlpt.jlsm.org/RegistrationNotice.aspx
the lowest level in jlpt is level 4, not 1. you work your way up from level 4 to 1.