Jamming studios? Recording Studios?


Just wondering are there any jamming studios in Miri? Decent ones? And the rates?

And also is there any studio that do recording?



there are a few…but… they arent very good… rates standard here rm25/hour… the equipment are not good and well cared for…

there are a few studios in miri…my band usually jammed in Studio One(2nd floor of pelita tunku)…there’s one jamming studio in lutong baru as well called the Living Sound…there’s two studios in Saberkas(pasar malam area) called creatiVe and Square One…but i recommended you to go to the one in Pelita…they’ve changed their equipments recently…dun dare to say the rates tho…coz my band are regular customers…they charge diff rates for diff days…bu they charge rm 20 for regulars(with receipt) on tuesdays and on sundays they charged rm30(with receipt)…on other days im not sure…i think its around not more then 40…but i really recommend you to either go there or living soung in lutong baru…both studios do make recorings as well…


How much do they charge for recording facilities?

And do they provide or rent drum sets?

Frankly speaking, which one is the best? In terms of quality.


hurm…in terms of quality,i think u shud go to living sond…they’re new so i bet the equipments is god…recording??im not sure eyh…i’ve been told that it cost bout Rm100+ per song if u wanna make a demo…this includes mixing and stuff la…bout rentals im not that usre…but they shud be some rentals as well…

Hey, I just found out there’s a jamming studia near to where I live. a shoplot at Permyjaya, yellow roofed building. You can the place from IKBN. Not sure how good it is, it looks dodgy tho’ but hey looks can be deceiving. Neway, just to tell y’all that. cheers