Jack ho aims to bring glory to curtin at australian univers


July 28, 2009 17:44 PM


Tuesday 28/07/2009
MIRI, 28 July, 2009 Jack Ho, A Student Of Curtin University Of Technology, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak), Is All Geared Up For The Upcoming 2009 Australian University Games In The Gold Coast.

He aims to bring glory not only to the university, but also to Sarawak and Malaysia, being the sole participant from Curtin Sarawak at the Games from 27 September to 2 October. Jack will be a member of Curtin Universitys cycling team, being an accomplished cyclist and one of Malaysias top triathletes.

He is confident he will put on a strong showing as he has been on a winning streak of late. In his most recent international event, the inaugural Xterra Malaysia Kuantan Off-Road Triathlon 2009 on 6 June 2009, he placed second in the 20 24 years male category. His success in the event secured him a spot in the 2009 Xterra World Championship, which will be held in Maui, Hawaii, in October.

He was also top-placed in a string of local and regional events prior to that, such as the Port Dickson International Triathlon, OSIM Singapore International Triathlon ITU Asian Championship, Xterra Japan Traithlon and Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU WC Series.

In addition, he has been maintaining a rigorous daily training regimen and will spend a month in intensive training with his teammates in Perth prior to the Games.

Indeed, Jack has his work cut out for him in the coming months. Immediately after the Australian University Games, he will participate in the Dextro Energy ITU Triathlon World Championship, also in the Gold Coast, before heading to Hawaii.

However, being a true athlete, he revels in challenges. He says it takes a lot of passion, perseverance and belief in oneself to get through the challenging times, but nothing is impossible once you set your mind on it.

Besides, Jack is not exactly a greenhorn when it comes to sports. He developed a strong interest at a very young age, has been competing in sporting events since the age of 15, and professionally in the triathlon since 2006.

At 24, he thinks the time is ripe to compete at the highest levels such as international triathlons, world championships and perhaps even the Olympics. I am fulfilling my dream of being a world-class triathlete. For me, its not a hobby, its a career, says Jack proudly.

According to Curtin Sarawaks Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr. John Evans, the university is most honoured that Jack has been selected for the Curtin team. It means a lot to us for Jack to be selected for the team. Im sure he will do us proud at the Games. We also hope his achievements will be an inspiration to other Curtin Sarawak students to excel both in sports and academically, says Dr. Evans.

He added that being a relatively new university of just ten years, Curtin Sarawak has yet to fully develop its sports talent, but with its inclusion in Australias Elite Athlete Friendly University Program (EAFU) as part of Curtin University, it is only a matter of time before it has a thriving sports fraternity on its campus here in Miri.

The EAFU is an initiative of the Australian Sports Commission. Curtin University became part of the EAFU in 2004, and through its Elite Athlete Programme, helps athletes balance their sports and study commitments. It also promotes Curtin to prospective student athletes, giving them the opportunity to achieve academic and sporting excellence.

Being a branch campus of Curtin University, Curtin Sarawak is eligible to enrol its student athletes in Curtins Elite Athlete Programme and the EAFU. Athletes must be enrolled students and competing nationally or internationally in their chosen sport.


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