Jabu makes surprise call on Penan millionaire

MIRI: Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu made an unscheduled trip to Niah to visit an old friend, Datuk Hassan Sui, a Penan who has made it big in the oil palm plantation business, which is now a millionaire.

After the PBB triennial general assembly here recently, a group of PBB members boarded three chartered buses for the two-hour journey to the oil palm plantation in Niah owned by Hassan. The group was led by one of the newly elected Supreme Council members Henry Sum Agong who is also the Bukit Mas Member of Parliament.

Jabu and his wife Senator Dato Sri Empiang Jabu apparently arrived earlier than the group.

There was a short briefing by Hassan and a short speech by Jabu before the group of about 130 PBB members took a one-hour tour of the oil palm plantation.

Their next destination was the newly opened Alam Bumi Palm Oil Mill, which is just 10-minute drive from the plantation. Hassan is one of the companys directors.

Jabu sang praises of Hassan, saying he was a good model for other Bumiputeras, who had responded positively to the call of the government to actively participate in the oil palm industry.

He said Hassan started small as a shareholder and went on to earn about RM500,000 a year from his holding.

Hassan is the first Penan to be successful in business and he is one good example for other Bumiputra entrepreneurs to emulate, said Jabu.

Jabu reiterated that the oil palm industry was one of the mainstream economic activities being encouraged in the second wave of development in Sarawak. As such, he called on the people to get involved in this highly profitable industry.


How did he start out as a shareholder, I wonder?

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a person can be wealthy if s/he know what he willing to sacrifice and achieve at the end of the day…
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[quote=“ian”]How did he start out as a shareholder, I wonder?[/quote]because he owns the land