Its Friday!

Yeah… Its Friday !!!

tgif … :}

Have a blessed weekend, everyone !

To those celebrating birthdays, happy birthday to you ! May your wishes come true. :slight_smile:


WHOOOOO!!!TGIF!Bila gik office hours tok habis?

Friday as at 1.31pm

Hey Hey Hey…today is FRIDAY!!

So what does it means??

Its going to be Off Day soon…so we can recharge our battery and go much further …

Working evryday very tired…especially handling with peoples and problems…So its good to Relax our mind and body…

Thank God for giving us Sunday As A Rest Day…

for me…everyday is Friday lor hehehe

what’s the purpose of this thread?

Hahahahaha…so nice also…everyday’s friday for u…

Friday means tomorrow hamtam day is coming, if tiok kao kao everyday will be my christmas day…

It may be Friday, but some of us still have to work on Saturday… booo.

So when are the labors laws gonna outlaw working on Saturdays.

Seriously… I need two day weekends.

Yes, to some, Fridays are not significant cos the feeling that they still have to work Saturdays and some even Sundays, e.g. offshore/coffee shop workers and some maids. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend gives us that ‘feel good’ feeling, whether to unwind, relax, do gardening, be with the kids, have family outings, or just lepak. To some, its means doing housework that could not be done on weekdays as both partners may be busy working or for single parents.

But the good thing is that we tend to be creative to create that little time we have on weekends, to relax and unwind, no matter how short the time we have during weekends. Its making full use of it that makes the difference. The main thing is to release whatever stress that has built up inside us for that week.

The bad side is the unwillingness to get up early on Monday mornings and face another grueling week of torture, be it mental or physical or both. Oh, the Monday Blues!!!

We are subjecting ourselves to all these and taking it in strides, mainly for the ‘Agong’ heads, the motivator. But that’s life, guys and gals.