It's ENGLISH time

They may look or sound simple BUT
how do you interpret or how well do you know the meaning of these words?

Suggestions :-

Opinions :-

Complaint :-

Allegation :-


heh… i merely pass my english, but here is my input :stuck_out_tongue: btw, u know u can get the meaning from google search rite…

suggestion is what you think it is appropriate to be undertaken. its the actions to be carried out, u can suggest anything based on what you think it is appropriate for a particular situation

oppinion is your point of view on something doesnt always carry actions, it is just your view or thinking.

compliant is something which you think unlawful or not right…leading to your action to bring it up to attention

allegation is more formally arguement to say something is unlawful but yet to be proven it being true. :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont know lar!

not bad for someone who merely pass English…hehe

Someone has 2 usernames

time to get out the spraycan!