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For Sell : Cyborg evo Force Feedback Joystick

The Cyborg evo Force features Immersions Touchsense force feedback technology, allowing you to feel every bump, shot or crash in supported games. Feel the wind buffet your planes wings, the recoil from your cannons or the stick shudder as your plane begins to stall; The Cyborg evo Force stick features many effects to enhance the reality of your games.

Whether flying a space craft, modern jet fighter, airline jet, or a WWII fighter, the Cyborg evo Force will put you in the pilots seat.

* The worlds only fully adjustable Force Feedback stick
* Customizable head and stick enables left- and right-handers to find their optimum gaming position
* Advanced programming provided by Saitek Smart Technology (SST) software.

* Rapid-fire trigger
* 5 fire buttons
* 8-way point-of-view hat switch
* 3D twist for rudder control
* 2 shift buttons
* 4 base buttons
* Single spring gimbal mechanism
* 3 position handle adjustment to suit all hand sizes
* Single spring action for use with non-Force Feedback games

System Requirement:

Connectivity: USB 2.0
Windows XP, XP64 and Windows Vista (all versions)

This product is fully compatible with Windows Vista. However, the SST software and drivers on the accompanying disc will only work on XP. If you are using Vista the latest drivers and SST software can be downloaded from our Drivers and Software section.


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