IT Support Engineers & Supervisor

MNC company - with few vacancies for IT Support engineers and Supervisor, based in Miri.

Provide technical support for PC, Server and Network equipments. Candidate should have more than 2 years similar working experience.

For qualified and interested candidate, please email your CV to

What is the jobscope for this post ? And where is the location and working hours

Location: Miri
Working hours: 9am-6pm, Mon-Fri
Jobscope: The company is an IT Service provider. The job is to attend service calls for its customers, to provide technical support for IT equipment, PC, Server & Network equipment.

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whats wrong?

where is your company? it is still open for the vacancy?

is this available for girl ?

the job still available… i have 2years experience working as IT support…

do u take interns???ive a fren looking a place for his industrial training…he`s an software engineering student…

this post still available? i hv 2 years experience as an IT Support