IT Project Initial Recruitment

Hi, my friends and I will going to involve in projects similar to celcom, umobile and skype. I will be the project manager. Please help me by telling your friends who are good in programming to drop their resume with programming experience detailed to (PM me for email address). We will contact them for interview later. Non-Malaysian also can as long as got skills. We need at least 50 programmers. Thanks for helping up.

List of skills

  1. c or c++
  2. java, php, perl, python, ror
  3. mysql, postgresql, oracle
  4. networking / communication programming
  5. soft switch programming

At least know 1 from 1 and 2, 1 from 3 and 1 from 4 and 5.


I wish to apply the Job,
Kindly email to me or give me ur email address.

Thanks and Regards,