IT Executive, Miri-based - Updated: 22/8/2012

We are a group of local companies involved in the saw milling, property development, plantations
and related industries in Miri.

We are currently seeking candidates to fill the role of IT Executive to be based in the Miri area.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Designing and updating our company web sites and managing online documents / information.
  • Researching new technologies and implementing IT solutions for company subsidiaries.
  • General IT support and troubleshooting as and when required.


  • Degree or Diploma in IT
  • Skilled in HTML, CSS, Javascript coding,
  • Experienced in PHP coding, MySQL and implementing CMS or blog platforms
  • Skilled in Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator to create graphics and layouts

Please send your CVs and samples of past web design work to: "",
and indicate with “MIRICOM AD” in the subject.

pm me

Could you let me know where is your company located and what is your company’s name? You can send it to my email Thank you so much.


My friend has 15 years in IT Technical Skill (Hardware and troubleshooting), but not software or programming skill. Any chance to get a job there?

Hi JAIS, unfortunately web design and related knowledge are required for the post, thanks

alright, thanks for the info. in future if any, can PM me, will let my friend know.


Any chance to get the job there if i was graduated with degree in computer science but no working experience in IT field?

Fresh grads welcome to apply as well, thanks

I’ve no degree or diploma in related skill.

But years of experience with portfolio, will you consider?

Hi Wgn_white, certainly, appreciate if you can forward any portfolio or past work for consideration. Thanks