Issues with Networking using Ubuntu 8.10

Recently I upgraded my machine from Ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10. I have a bit of difficulties trying to connect using both wired and wireless connection. I’m dual booting both Ubuntu 8.10 and Windows Vista. So do you have the same problem and how do you manage to solve it. Furthermore I’m a noob and hopefully for those so call hackers and expert can share some knowledge on this.

I am using Ubuntu 8.10 as well, but dual booting with XP no problem. Maybe u can be more specific on what networking issues u had. I’m not an expert, i can help if within my ability.

well dual booting no problem for me. anyway i already solve the wired networking by editing sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces and deleting all the lines except the first 2. So now i can connect to the internet via lan. Solving the wireless connection i disabled the previous atheros driver and updated it with wget … ent.tar.gz
Well at first the system freeze after rebooting it’s running smoothly now. The reason for me to update from 8.04 to 8.10 i was unabled to watch youtube and embedded flash movie due to some Flash problem. But now everything looks ok.
Anyway thanks for the offer and if i get into another trouble i’ll post it here.