Issues of Public Transportation & Tourism related

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Government asked to relocate bus terminal
by Mohamad Abdullah, Posted on May 15, 2014, Thursday

MIRI: The government has been asked to relocate the Tudan Bus Terminal from its present location behind Tamu Muhibbah to the city centre.
Miri MP Dr Michael Teo claimed the bus terminal is a white elephant as both the public and bus companies do not want to use it.
According to him, the public do not want to use the terminal as it is located too far from housing areas, while bus companies find its location isolated in the middle of nowhere.
It is sad and an eyesore to see the Tudan Terminal left idle without any bus and the public using it, Dr Teo said after visiting the terminal recently.
He claimed the terminal is only being used as a parking area for parents to pick up and drop off their children who got to a school there.
Dr Teo called for a bigger bus terminal in the city centre, which he claimed is dead in the evenings.
Now Miri City is dead after 7pm, all the shops are closed as business operators claim that not many people shop at night, he said.
According to him, having a larger bus terminal in the city would help to boost business.

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The Tudan bus terminal is a joke. Too far away and waste of fuel. Its not even at the heart of Miri.