Israeli navy attacks Malaysian ship

KUALA LUMPUR, May 16 Israeli naval forces intercepted and attacked a Malaysian-owned ship carrying aid for Palestine within the Palestinian security zone today. … p-to-gaza/

woo hoo… i cant wait for ibrahim ali to scream jihad against israel.

Red Alert ! Red Alert !

Ibrahim Ali will shout “Lets join Satan Jihad Forces!!!”

instead of condemning Israel, y’all condemn ibrahim ali. condemn him all u want, and he does deserve it IMO, but really shocked no one gives a damn about the real issue at hand.

i kinda can smell wat’s the next post is about,

“but ibrahim ali din even protest,make noise blablabla when this happens”,

attacked oredi? the price of “jaga tepi kain org”

+1 should be concentrating on helping our own Malaysians instead.

oh come on, that proverb doesnt always work u know. if everybofy jaga tepi kain sendiri, then south africa would still hv apartheid,nazis would still be killing jews. just as there are organizations out there for the welfare of our own ppl, what;s wrong with humanitarian effort for other ppl? we hv humanitarian effort not only to palestine, but to other places as well… would u call all of them back home and ask them not to “jaga tepi kain orang” then? if everbody jaga tepi kain sendiri, there wouldnt be christianity or islam in sarawak.

ohh…come on, that’s just me. don’t generalize others b’cos of what i’ve stated :stuck_out_tongue:

by the way i didn’t see/hear any humanitarian effort from malaysia regarding the recent quake that happened at christchurch new zealand despite there are few malaysians there

Israel and Palestine are at war.
Msia offer help to Palestine,
Israel consider Msia as an enemy,
then Israel attack Msia.

This is art of war, as simple as that.

Ok, so we have this…

Ehud Barak was the prime minister of Israel from 1999-2001, he ended Israel’s 22-year long occupation of Southern Lebanon. He initiated peace negotiation with the Palestinians. He and then Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat went to Washington in 2000 in attempt to settle the dispute once and for all with US president Bill Clinton as mediator. There he recognized that the Palestinians can setup their own nation and even control East Jerusalem (he was called traitor inside Israel for this) but refused the right of return. Yasser Arafat rejected this and instead, encouraged by the surrounding Arab nations, declared intifada on Israel.

Ariel Sharon was the prime minister of Israel from 2001-2006. He took a much tougher stance than Barak, but still he ended Israel occupation of Gaza. He recognized Palestinians rights to statehood, but differed from Barak in that he believed East Jerusalem should remain Israeli.

Ehud Olmert was the prime minister of Israel from 2006-2009. He was a soft leader, and in his term he tried to appease the Palestinian government in West Bank by giving them economic concession. Due to this Israel was seen as weak and Hamas and Hezbollah attacked Israel which prompted Israeli retaliation and caught in war with Gaza and Lebanon. His popularity inside Israel then fell to only 3% and he was defeated in election. He is now charged with corruption.

Benjamin Netanyahu is the current prime minister of Israel. He is a hardline right-wing politician. Not only he opposed giving East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, he rejected a full-fledged Palestinian statehood. He stated Israel needs to be tough to avoid past mistakes of being seen as weak (hence was attacked from all fronts)

There is something I don’t understand. If I were Palestinian leader my priority would be to first declare an independent state. Regardless of how small the remaining territories or whether it has East Jerusalem in it, it is still 8 times bigger than Singapore. Instead of insisting the ‘right of return’ which all current 4.6 million Palestinian refugees are to be returned into Israel (overwhelmingly rejected by Israel), just absorb them into the new nation and focus on economic development. They have been living like rats for the past 50 years and a leader who truly love his people would want to rectify that as soon as possible. Israel cannot be destroyed nor will compromise so dragging on will make these people suffer for another 100 years.

While a Palestinian refugee family in neighboring Arab states scavenge for food today…

… a Jew opens 3 shops in another country
West Bank at night

Gaza at night

Israel at night

A good Palestinian leader, instead of everyday thinking how to destroy Israel, will think how to make Palestinian state like this:

But maybe they have no confidence they are capable to develop their country economically and improve citizens life.

“Instead of insisting the ‘right of return’ which all current 4.6 million Palestinian refugees are to be returned into Israel (overwhelmingly rejected by Israel), just absorb them into the new nation and focus on economic development.” dude, most palestinians refugee can’t enter palestine in the first place, how to absorb them into new nation? all those israel’s leaders u said, lol, really, i’m sure u noe this too mevotex, that those things u listed are about only the few “good” stuff that they did to blind the world. ariel sharon had been killing refugees since his military days. your “soft leader” ehud olmert, didnt stop the illegal settlement prgrams and kept on destroying palestinian homes…

what malaysians shud realize that palestine isnt a muslim issue. palestinians are just like any other group, a very diverse group…just as they are muslims who hold extremist views, there are also a significant amount who are staunch communist or socialist. yasser arafat’s party wasnt an islamic party, it is a secular socialist party. and it wasnt just muslims are being killed, its the christians as well who are being displaced. all those palestinian leaders who call for the destruction of israel, v u forgotten wat’s it like for them?

suddenly in the early 1900,s the belfour declaration was signed to give permission to the jews to return to their holy land. all those europe and american world leaders and UN agreed to this. not much of a problem right? unless ofcourse what the hell do u doo with the inhabitants of that land?? u got these jews coming from russia and poland and suddenly claiming that this land is them. these palestinians didnt even have a say in what will become to their country…i kinda can understand that sentiment, they have been expelled,ippressed,occupied by a foreign force,it would be only natural for them to ant to fight back. i guess ppl just dont see its rationality now that it has already been 63 years…yea i know we can ask them to forget and forgive, since if israel is destroyed, then what would happen to the already many jewish ppl living there?

this things are complex, i know, and yea ppl can take sides. but the thing is, what israel did is illegal,the wall is illegal, th settlements are illegal. they violated UN law but yet you can just sit idly saying its alright,its not their fault? i wonder if it is iran who violate the international law, u wud start posting here up in mcnet about pictures of iran;s leaders and their cities and then badmouth all of them…cut the american double standard dude.

and was it vertigo who asked bout the chch earthwuake ? the msian govt i hv no id ea what they did, but i know that the msian students did volunteer works there as well…

i do aware of sharon’s doing in sabra & shatilla, all above mentioned are their initiatives during prime ministership. shall i start saying arafat cheated international community and use humanitarian donation funds for weapons?

palestinian refugees cannot enter palestine as 1.) it is not yet declared an independent nation 2.) they themselves did not want that due to unsecured future, now they live in refugee camps, back to palestine they live in… 3.) the palestinian authorities themselves do not want that, or rather, hesitate to bear the economic responsibilities. you sure are aware of how corrupted the PLO is. if they really wish they can pay to absorb and resettle them.

i bet you know the jewish exodus from arab lands in the 1950s who abandoned $300 billion worth of assets? they are all absorbed into israel.

you would have to admit olmert is the softest of them all :wink:

palestinian issues would have been solved ages ago if it ain’t other arab states keep pressing them not to accept any terms with israel. during egypt-libya war of 1977, a new york times article titled “The Arabs Can’t Seem to Stop Fighting”, quoting a palestinian saying "“If the Arabs haven’t got Israel to fight, they will be fighting each other.”

yasser arafat would have accepted the peace deal mediated by clinton if he wasn’t backed and pressured by the arab league to reject it.

most arab states are totalitarian, it is in their interest to divert all anger to israel rather than their own leaders. outside they condemn israel, inside they secretly hope there won’t be peace in palestine. even if palestinians are to get israel today, tomorrow it’d be divided into 2 - hamas and fatah, fighting each other. in fact it is even better to divide the lands into 3 countries; republic of israel, republic of west bank and republic of gaza

balfour declaration was a dark deal between UK and wealthy jewish elites in the US, to get america into war with germany. though again it’s mostly economic and responsibilities. after ww2, so many people were expelled; the germans from former german territories now ceded to the allies, the italians, the macedonians, the tibetans, the romani, the gypsies, the japanese. the partition of india saw the expulsion of muslims, hindu and sikhs from their homeland. 50 yrs later, all these people are pretty much settled, only the palestinians. cant blame the world for getting fed up. if the germans, italians, japanese, hindu, sikhs, romani are like that, how would the world be today. again it comes to the palestinian authorities refusing to see through the harsh reality and accept a smaller territories, instead keep thinking to destroy israel, else like others they would have been resettled already.

[quote=“basikal”]this things are complex, i know, and yea ppl can take sides. but the thing is, what israel did is illegal,the wall is illegal, th settlements are illegal. they violated UN law but yet you can just sit idly saying its alright,its not their fault? i wonder if it is iran who violate the international law, u wud start posting here up in mcnet about pictures of iran;s leaders and their cities and then badmouth all of them…cut the american double standard dude.

and was it vertigo who asked bout the chch earthwuake ? the msian govt i hv no id ea what they did, but i know that the msian students did volunteer works there as well…[/quote]

israel is not an angel country to begin with, especially now under netanyahu. for your knowledge, most countries violate UN rules; the US, UK, saudi, china, pakistan, even brunei who refused citizenship to 10% of its locally-born population. did you also know tat saudi arabia constructed barrier to seal off its border with yemen and india constructed fence to seal off entire bangladesh international border?

speaking of UN, it was UN who partitioned israel and palestinian into this;

who was it again that refused to accept this UN decision and went to war?

regarding iran, you and i know what kind of statement their leaders made, even paul the octopus in the last world cup they had word for it. if it wasn’t attention seeking i dunno what is it. the dictator of equatorial guinea, an african country, is one of the worst violator of human rights, but he is smart and ‘quiet’.

ahh… the history writing again… n again. ok lo for them to attack malaysia. we enter the border at our own will… its ok even if they were killed… in the name of humanity

look,the way u wrote ur points, its like u’re thinking that i’m a supporter of yasser arafat and the PLO and the arab regimes.1. i dont give a damn bout their politics.2., i started commenting on this thread cause i was shocked since nobody really talk about the issue at hand. only when i said something bout condemning israel did this thread really get ur and the other guys attention. r politics and all, that is for them palestinians to decide. if they wanna have a 2 state, 3 state or 100 states who cares. all i care about is standing up in solidarity with these people…

this kinda argument is really boring me u noe… whenever someone start saying they wanna volunteer for A, ppl say how B,C and D is also in need of welfare,why dont u go help them? and then whenever ppl condemn Israel for violating god knows how many laws, ppl will then ask, China,Iran and fkn brunei also violated some law whatchu gonna say bout that? seriously, there are tonnes of organizations out there for lots of different things. i just disagree with the way u potray these zionist pm as the good side and all. u kinda forgot to mention about yasser’s arafat change of mind too. he did support the 2 state solution as well…yes, plo is corrupted, so what? activists dont give a damn bout who’s in charge. they just wanna deliver aid. so yea arafat used aid to buy guns. so what? israel has funding from america to do the same thing. its funny how when ppl actually defend their lands, they are called terrorist. while the one who actually terrorise them are called defenders…israel even use some aid to palestine to fund their military i heard. again,me saying this doesnt mean i agree with yasser’s plo,or pflp or hamas…heck,yasser wasnt even a devout muslim to begin with.his party is socialism thru and thru,regardless of what they said they are and hell yeah they are corrupted…

panzai is right, this debate is really diverting the real issue here. palestinians are in need of aid. israel’s blockade is against international law. settlement is still going on. but still ppl can defend israel. me bring about iran is just to point out the double standard. if it is in fact if iran who did it,say to turkmenistan, then u will hear the sanctions,the outcry from the west and all…or north korea…

again i wanna say to all who read this as i am aware that most of mirians who read this are probaly non muslims, this thing isnt a muslim issue. yes there are muslims there, but it isnt a muslim thing alone.its crime against humanity. theodore hertzl before this proposed a jewish state in uganda, and argentina before agreein on palestine. a church in south africa has already started boycotting israeli products…there are jews in the west who start organization condemning the ccupation. in saying that,there are also other places in this world where everyday atrocities are done to ppl,like in darfur,kashmir,chechnya,or our very own natives, so yeah.

Zionism is a regime. Jewish itself is very separated from the Zionism. Think of it like this, Zionism is like UMNO here in Malaysia. See? Don’t blame Israel. She is doing what you will be doing if your house kena ceroboh. Jews in America rejects Zionism. Them Zionist are extremist. Or whatever there is. Since that aid ship crossed the their border, it is logical that the Israeli forces go attack them. Serve them right.

israel was founded based on zionism values. i din blame the jews. i think i kinda mention that quite clear in my posts? o wait i forgot,apart from being called terrorist sympathiser, palestin activists will also be labeled anti semitic.“roll eyes”. just so u know,there are holocaust survivor who join the protests against israel, dude. the blockade on gaza is wrong. it is illegal. these ships and the upcoming flotilla is trying to break that siege on gaza. they tried to send aid by land,nothing much go thru, they tried to send by plane, mmg sah2 sik boleh, so they tried by sea. what they brought with them are medical necessities, like in last yrs freedom flotilla, these are strechers, ultrasound scanners,x ray machines,dentistry units,wheelchairs, these are all humanitarian aid, and are not allowed to go thru. apart from that last year’s flotilla brought cements for homes, pre-assemble homes etc. the gazans are trapped inside their own home for, well, democratically electing Hamas. guess israel dont like being not the only democracy in the middle east.

oh well, i can prbably write a book here but it still wont change anything. and yeah so if one day you wake up and found so many foreign ppl outside ur home asking u to get out, and then bulldoze ur house, or build a wall around miri and stop basic necessities from gettin in or stop things from being exported so that ur econonomy is stalled, and din let ur mom to cross the wall for her medical treatment from the other side of the wall, just cause some brilliant western country sign over ur homeland to that group of foreign ppl, if that day comes, i will tell those aid ships not to come to miri cause it is illegal according to the new foreign administration.

I am sure the Israel navy were just firing warning shots. If with real intention to attack, pretty sure the cargo ship would probably sink already. With the advancement of technology and the size of a cargo ship, a miss shot is almost nil, a single projectile hit is enough to kill or at least injured the crews on board.

Most people are blinded by religious hatred, till they fail to rationalize issues.

i dont think anyone on here can be sure about that united, but looking at israeli records where they rammed a boat carryinng few doctors and much needed medical supplies in dec 08, or shot civilians and throw gas bombs aboard the mavi marmara last year, mind u, one guy who got shot at the forehead was only carrying a video cam, and refused to treat the injured afterwards, leaving more ppl to bleed to death, and then kidnapped these guys and put them in israeli prisons,then charge them with entering israel illegally. all these while they are actually in international waters where the captain has alreasy divert away from gaza after being pursued. then they all announce to to the world how these ships are linked to alqaeda and these are terrorists and they’re just defnding their territory. yea right. the youngest on that flotilla isnt even 1 yr old, the oldest is an 88 yr old arcbishop of the catholic church in jerusalem. their flotilla has been checked for weapons by the nato n the turish authority before sailing. about the only thing they brought are kitchen knives. even these too are then hauled and put on a flag bearing arabic writings to be photographed by the isreali military to show purported terrorist nature of these ships.

yea the same thing can be said to malaysians who refuse to acknowledge the humanity issues over there, due to blind religious hatred.

old indian proverb: “he who holds the lathi in his hand, his word is the law”

when a bully pummels his smaller opponent to the ground and bellows his ways and rights, his downed opponent is forced to acknowledge the bully’s ways and rights. any howling pleas of wrongs and rights and injustices will only earn the ire of the bully and more swift kicks in the face.

this is the way the world is. mights equal rights.