Is this worth it? PSP

The problem with buying in Miri is you must buy the set with all the accessories so they can jack up the price.
The shop owner say must include the accessories in set, if not, no one will buy accessories seperately and they rugi.

Don’t bother listening to the shop excuse about the YEN and DOLLAR going up due to the high price. The PSP-2006 is OLD STOCK. They were manufactured waaaaaaaay before the recession. ■■■■■■■ bullshitters

Supporting piracy is bad. We all did it, but when you grow up (meaning you start earning yuor money lah), you feel that you need to support the Programmer’s wife and kids and so on.

So yeah, SIN now, repent later okay? It’s what I’m doing now :mrgreen:

yeah last time bfore psp 3000 was introduced and recession came i think PSP 2000 was RM800-900 only… now RM1k+? wtf?!.. if someone could kindly run me a favor help me survey price at imperial mall? no chance to go there hahaha busy…

Looks better offer than the one at boulevard. I bought it at RM1200 yesterday 4/2/2009.
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same price as mine only diff is the memory card. mine was 4gb with games that i can choose.

oh… then mine is better abittt only lol?.. because when i count the accesories prices seperately RM1429… lol… so i take only lah haha

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my fren got it for rm700 today in kch…wit 4gb mmc…miri so exp oh…

blame the bruneins? lol sory ar… bruneins no offense this might be cost of everything in miri is higher than sibu and kuching… i presume… just my opinion dont scold me…

eugene, you’re half right.

You’re half wrong because MANY people in Miri don’t buy online (scared, etc etc) and don’t bother to find cheaper places.

any other place to where i can find PSP in miri? it’s quite hard to find though…

try get from…got reputable sellers there…good price too

i oredi bought it red post above…

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