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AMO Complete MoisturePlus? Contact Lens Solution Linked to MicrobialKeratitis

New Eye Infection, AMO Recall its Complete MoisturePlus Contact Lens Solution
A Dangerous Contact Lens Solution Linked to Acanthamoeba Kera titis &Microbial Keratitis in Addition to Fungal Keratitis. Have your eyes been,once again, placed in danger of Bacterial Eye Infections, vision damage,or loss of sight?

On May 25, AMO (Advanced Medical Optics) announced a recall of their ‘NoRub’ Complete MoisturePlus Multipurpose Contact Solution. Although thecompany stands by its product and casts the blame on contact lens wearerswho ‘improperly store, disinfect or handle’ their contact lenses, the CDCforced AMO to recall Complete Moisture Plus…

This Complete Moisture Plus recall is not so distant from Bausch &Lomb’s recall of ReNu with MoistureLoc, which caused serious injury tomany contact lens wearers. AMO’s press release states they have known sinceJanuary of 2005 about at least 46 patients who claimed to have contracteda unique form of keratitis from the AMO Recall solution.

This keratitis is called ‘acanthamoeba keratitis (AK)’. From all indications, AMO Moisture Plus recall was delayed as long as Bausch did in coming forwardand r ecalling the product; potentially exposing an untold number of unsuspectingcontact lens wearers to this painful (AK) infection that can cause permanentvision loss or blindness.

Other reports seem to illustrate a company who knew about the potentiallink between (AK) and their Complete MoisturePlus Multipurpose Solutionsince as early as 2004. In 2004, the infection first occurred in more thana dozen people against the normal count of one or two in a year. Dr. ElmerTu, an ophthalmologist at the University of Illinois, Chicago, along withother doctors attended around 35 patients from May 2003 to September of2006, 55% of whom were infected due to usage of AMO Complete MoisturePlusrecall solution.

According to Dr. Tu, AMO’s Complete MoisturePLUS solution is not defective.It is just not designed to provide a shield to the eyes when they’re exposedto soil or water where the risk of bacterial infection is significant. Julie Zawisza, an FDA spokes person, said,’ The solution is not marketedto protect against the amoeba. But it’s supposed to be free of any typeof microorganisms. It’s not supposed to result in anyone getting an infection.’

Once again, one must wonder what corporations who suspect problems withtheir products are thinking when they wait one, two, or more years beforewarning the public about a potential hazard provoked or caused by theirproduct. We wonder how much injury must occur bef ore corporate dollarsare sufficient.

Acanthamoeba keratitis & Microbial Keratitis patients suffer symptomsvery similar to other common bacterial eye infection, but the AK infectioncan result in the loss of eye sight. If you experience symptoms, includingthe following, we encourage you to first immediately seek treatment froman experienced, eye care professional:

’ Eye pain
’ Eye redness and soreness
’ Hypersensitivity to light
’ Reduction in visual acuity
’ Temporary or, at the worst, permanent blindness

sorry for the scaring pics… :frowning: anyone using it??? cheryl is using it lar… but not with the word PLUS


omg…~ haha… scared me to death…~

im so so so sorry… but… i need some answer… im wearing this… make me wanna change to another brand now… :frowning:
people, comments pls… is this TRUE??

im so so so sorry… but… i need some answer… im wearing this… make me wanna change to another brand now… :frowning:
people, comments pls… is this TRUE??[/quote]

i dont know la dear

haha… well… i heard from other forums as well but different brand lo…

Sore eyes, hurts when see sumthing excessively bright, eyes blurred out for a moment, cant sleep during the night.

Tats all the symptoms i remember…~

sure or not?baby ur naturally good looking…why u need all this?

that is contact lens lar… im using contact lens o…

babyz_cheryl: Well…if there’s a real need for you to continue to wear the contact lens thingy I would suggest it’s best if you change the brand but for the safety purposes sticking to the natural beauty even better because you are still young, girl. Just my 2 cents…

guess… tomorrow buy another brand… err… :frowning: worry… worry…

err… sticking to my natural beauty?? that is contacts len o… u mean stop using contact lens?? wear glasses ar…???

u got wear contact lens?? i want to laser my eyes at KL … my eyes power very deep one… laser 1 time RM 4000+ o…

babyz_cheryl: I used to wear it before but now retired already.

har… u wear glasses now???

i also dunno how to say… if got symptoms oredy as i stated above, its consider as too late oredy… so better prevent from getting this horrendous eye infection.

err… sticking to my natural beauty?? that is contacts len o… u mean stop using contact lens?? wear glasses ar…???[/quote]

I see, mine was cosmetic lens back then but nonetheless for your case if you are still feeling uncertain & worry then you should go consult a specialist or qualify individual.

Nope, I don’t wear glasses.

i think you should STOP using it,in order for your safety purpose…you want your beauty or your vision?i said you better STOP using it,untill the conformation from the factory to comform it is none hazardous to it user,if it does damage your eyes…you should report it to the public,and warn the users to prevent other people to get hurt…and you can sue the company for selling hazardous chemical that brings harm to the general public!!STOP using it now,untill everything is confirm that is is SAFE to use…

I used only eye optrex lotion made in malaysia not from els where.