Is this the real photo?

this photo i retrieve frm email i received, title : Big Phyton Found at Curtin’s area, Senadin during the bush fire in Miri
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but photo dated 2008!!!

any one knw this photo?

FAKE… Wait. I think this picture is real but the news is fake. Its not a snake at senadin. Saw this picture on the net for quite a long time edi… but i forget what is it about… but definitely not taken in senadin or anywhere nearby that area. :roll:

i got that pic too… but we actually went to ask the guard who take care of the machinery at that working field and they said they actually found the snake in that jungle. the snake just eaten up a mouse-deer and not able to move. thats wat we heard la… and they sell the meat of the snake… which i feel really disgusting. haha… still, believe o not, depends to urself. thats from others mouth oso as i neva c it by myself