Is this the correct way?

[quote=“applebee”]then cacatkia going to cucuk and horn you soon… heheheh wait…

dun cucuk, throw me with money. If Rm50 notes or RM100 even better. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

when u say ADA ULAR, by that time he will ram into the drain… lol lol lol…

i can imagine how flat/pengek is the biker… hahhahahaha

[quote=“applebee”]this is to show, ladies is not weak… ladies oso will do that… on road im bad if other driver drive like suck. gotcha !

waiseh… more yakuza than me leh[/quote][/quote]

lols this applebee i think is miri triad lai de~

The motorbike rider just obeying the rule when he saw the yellow sign “Kurangkan Had Laju”…ROFL, just being funny :mrgreen:

Act like a cop on ur hazard lights and scream out ur window BERI LALUAN ! BERI LALUAN! KENDERAAN DI HADAPAN SILA BERI LALUAN! hahahaha and hon abit… kekeke sure he scared… o and oso bcareful who noe he’s a cop? haha…

if i was in the situation, i will see the how the look of the rider if he is an oldman or look nice i will honk the rider and give highlight with good manner. But if i see the rider is likely to be a mat rempit…i will cucuk cucuk him and honk him so many times, if he still kurang ajar show my middle finger hahahaa :mrgreen:

Frankly speaking … its a short distance, nothing is far away in Miri … this sort of road rage is not good for health even your mind.

true… true… road bullies! hahaha!

get a police siren tone,scare off his pant… :slight_smile:

then how? psssh psssh him ah? keke…

What a good idea? Burn the .mp3 to cd and play on car mp3 player and blast it loud like the real police car haha… can or not? is it illegal? haha

did u take down the motorbike no.?If tomorrow strike 4D,that should cool you off… :smiley:

u can zoom in to see the plate number

hahhaha thanks for that, unfortunately i am just an ordinary person, ordinary wife, ordinary mum, ordinary mirian. hehehe but i am not ordinary on road … watch out ! hahahahhahaha luckily in this mcnet only 5 person knw me well. all of them not active here. hahahhahah

lols this applebee i think is miri triad lai de~[/quote]

y dont just throw a dummy snake out of the window? alang2 bah… hehe. den he will terkejut> jatuh> hurt.
??? hehe. better dont lah~ mirian should be polite to each and every single person u jumpa in town.

nvm if u guys come to encounter this kind of thigns again call apple she can ask her triad brothers to come help u all

ai ya, i got no triad brothers at all la… just my own… and not any triad la… u decribed me like dangerous person. next time if u encounter this problem, just think of me applebee and the method i suggest use loud speaker and by that time u sure laugh alone in the car and forgot you are angry that time. my method not bad one…

if after use loud speaker oso no responce then tht is ur bad day coz u met a deaf driver… hehehehhe

eh, im not any traids ok… not tai ka jie oso… just ordinary mirian. but not ordinary on road. hahahahah any of u knw me here, better give way when see my car on road… those dunno me just jaga jaga u drive misbehave, u hear my horn…