Is this the correct way?

I was really upset by this motorcycle on my way back to office just now. The rider just ride in the middle of fast lane at very slow speed and there was a car beside me, I can’t overtake him. I feel like want to hit him from behind.

go cucuk near that motobike… and HONK them…

Opps…Forgot to call cacatkia to come over to cucuk near n HHHHHOOOOONNNNNKKKKKKKK them… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

if me in this kind of situation sure i go near near then HONK them… when pass by them sure ask " ini jalan lu beli kah…diu! "

roll down ur window, use loud speaker and yell at him " PULL OVER BUGGER !!"… he will scare and jump up frm his bike. hahahahhaha

haha…~ a jaguh that feels like a chopper

i think thats me la.

waiseh… more yakuza than me leh

then cacatkia going to cucuk and horn you soon… heheheh wait…

applebee, give me ur phone no, i’ll call u for help nx time if i meet the same situation… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :evil: :twisted:

just drive near & honk long & loud~ like wat CCK mention…then when you got the chance to over take him, you roll down your window and use the international sign language on him~! case solve… hehehehe :mrgreen:

i knew bimmerguy wud say that. u shud change ur nick to speedemon!

wah so directly ask for my number here meh… so dangerous la you… anyway, my idea u can try. loud speaker ok…sure all bikers will stay away frm your car next time they see you. make sure tell them remember ur plate number so that they will aware… hehehehehe

applebee, give me ur phone no, i’ll call u for help nx time if i meet the same situation… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :evil: :twisted:[/quote]

if you drive 4x4 ride, then just go over it… keke

wahahahah~ wait i cre8 new acc 1st lor…hahhaa :mrgreen:

this is to show, ladies is not weak… ladies oso will do that… on road im bad if other driver drive like suck. gotcha !

waiseh… more yakuza than me leh[/quote]

go beside him, roll down ur window and point at the floor shouting ADA ULAR!!!

how about headlamp ? … turn on the highlight ?

i dont think the motorcycle wud notice dat during the day even with HID’s. get a paintball gun and shot em up! hahaha!

headlamp no pain. 8) 8)