Is this considered Sexual Harassment?

If an uncle (fathers first cousin) touched & caressing your thigh while he was talking to you and demands that you hold his hand when u walk with him and tell your parents not to let you have boyfriend because he wants you to have his children considered sexual harassment? :shock: :?

valerie… to me… i guess u can call it Sexual harassment la… put it this way… forget abt the uncle part and telling the parents part… his action by touching and caressing a girl thigh and demands the girl to hold his hand when walking with him… i guess he can be charge with law…or maybe a warning… no sure…

just my 2 cts… :wink:

I called it as f**king pervert! lau hiau… get somebody to whack him la… :roll:

cisin…got someone like that also ka even own family member?

that is pervert la!!!

learn karate, taekwando, or kung fu…then kick his d**k as hard as you can…

Val…I understand hw u feel. I’ve went thru’ the same thing, but luckily I tell him off and it was kind of difficult at first to let your family knows about. His wife is my own cousin and I call him uncle… my mum didn’t know about this cos’ my mum & my cousin’s mum are 1st cousin… complicated to explain the kelabit relationship…but anyway I told of the matter to my older sister (she’s the only 1 knew of it). This made me full of HATRED towards him and lost respect him as relative. It took me years to forget & forgive… after his daughter got pregnant (belum kawin…skarang dah kawin with that guylah)…then I felt that was the PEMBALASAN.

so guys… can we consider this sexual harrassment then?

i say yes…

‘touched & caressing your thigh while he was talking to you and demands that you hold his hand when u walk with him’

If this is not sexual harrasment then i dont know what is sexual harrasment again!?!?!

This man is just more then mad!

as long as u FEEL u are being “trespassed” with potential sexual intention/contact, regardless of your relatives or non-relatives,


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Sexual harassment can occur in a variety of circumstances:

* The harasser can be anyone, such as a supervisor, a client, a co-worker, a teacher or professor, a student, a friend, or a stranger.

* The victim does not have to be the person directly harassed but can be anyone who finds the behavior offensive and is affected by it.

* While adverse effects on the victim are common, this does not have to be the case for the behavior to be unlawful.

* The victim can be male or female. The harasser can be male or female.

* The harasser does not have to be of the opposite sex.

* The harasser may be completely unaware that his or her behavior is offensive or constitutes sexual harassment or may be completely unaware that his or her actions could be unlawful.

ValerieG-absolutely! As long as the contact is unwanted and unsolicited and it is clear she does not like it, it is considered as sexual harassment. If the victim could somehow get a witness or secretly videotape the harassment, she would have a strong case to lodge a police report. There may not be prosecution in a less serious case; nevertheless, her relative would be shamed into stopping his unpleasant actions… That’s just my opinion. I :o

A definite yes. You may want to talk to someone about how to handle it.

Sorry to say … It is very very abnormal … confirm Sexual Harrassment !!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Its pretty obvious isn’t it?

err…unless she herself welcomed the action…

why isn’t she responding?

Thanks everyone. But this incident happened like 10 years ago. I don’t think can still press charges on the sick man.

[quote=“qmk9133”]cisin…got someone like that also ka even own family member?

that is pervert la!!![/quote]

Hard to imagine actually someone from the family can actually do that, right? Yeah. I know. I wish I could whack him up like nobody’s business. So sickening lor. Somemore, want the niece to have his children leh…

Malaysia should adopt castration as a punishment for sexual harassers :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Use a rusty knife. Make it slow & extremely painful + broadcast live on TV :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: