Is there any vacancy for safety supervisor?

Is there any vacancy for safety supervisor?

i was working in plantation for 1 year and 5 months as safety and health trainee, and working with shipbuilding company for 7 months as safety assistant, i have attend for the SHO course and will take the exam on June 2012 ( paper 4 ). I’m resign from my previous company due to i got offer from other company but after i resign around 2-3 days, suddenly i got call from that company and they tell me that they have hire somebody else and forget to contact me, and now i jobless due to this lack of communication, so i hope if there any company that willing to call me for the interview, please don’t hesitate to contact me in 0168626400 or my email address or pm me here.

Thank you

it’s common sense when you tender any notice to your previous company (now), you must have at least sign any precontract/ letter offer or a contract from your new be safe on our side.we can’t assume tat company call to offer you & they will hire you…At least there is a letter of offer with company letter head ,then it’s consider the deal is almost done…sorry to hear tat bro…

yup, that is true bro, i’m also cannot believe that this thing can happen, this will became my new lesson that i need to learn for the future, thanks for the advice bro

Did you signed the offer letter already and u keep the offer letter if you signed it before? If yes…than go to Labor or you may summon the company kaw2…(before that check if they dont hire mafia to threaten u later lol)

there is no offer letter, it was just a call from the phone, so there is no evidence that i need to summon them, but its okey, (mafia? hoho)

Anyone, can help me plss?

our company actually looking for safety assistant…shipbuilding company area k.baram…if u interested,u can email me ur cv & cert…this is my email

try Woodman.

Thank you JAIS, i have already try woodman, thank you very much

is it a Sealink Engineering or other company?

Kuala baram is sooooo far, dun go…very hazardous and out of control place also.

haha, i used to work in kuala baram before, its not problem for me, ahakss

hmm, then you may consider.

yup, its no problem for me

somebody, pls help me, its urgent!!!


Send your CV to

We are also looking for qualified Rigger, Scaffolders, Welders, Fitters, Blasters, Painters, Material Co-ordinators, Mechanics, E & I technician, Electrician etc.

Joe Ling

i’m still looking for a job


Thanks for anybody that help me, right now i got a job as a safety supervisor in someplace. thanks again, hope u guys getting well every time, thank you

i currently looking for 1 too… currently im working as a asst material coordinator at petra. boset h2s and fit to go offshore(Malaysia water). Graduated from fajar last year…