Is there any place in Miri develop B&W film?

I am really trying hard to find place to develop and process my 135 black and white film. Hope some forumer can point out where i can develop and process my black and white film. Thanks.

dark room

Have you tried Soo Chew studio?

I havent try soo chew but except soo chew and da feng,i have asked those major camera shop. All only develop colour film,which is really become a frustrated problem for me now.
Thanks ya.

Bro, if looking for it locally I think it’s very hard. See if I can help. Thank for your intro of my 350D to the guy.

Try Typhoon studio?

today will try out soochew and typhoon. And see what happen,thanks ya

Sadly to say lido and soo chew dont have the service also.can only try typhoon and the one in parkson only.seems like the only way is to develpp it byseld.

Haha…really can’t believe this.I have to sold my film slr just because of really no place to develop the film…

Omg really?all over miri dont have?:frowning: