Is "Siamese Secrets" restaurant halal?

Hi all,

Any idea if the above restaurant is halal? Quick response appreciated…


I’ve been ter few times n noticed ter’s no pork served howeva ter’s no HALAL logo seen inside o outside d premise…

where is dat ar?
whose d owner?

Siamese Secret used 2 b knwn as Discovery…it’s located right exactly bhind Pacific Orient Hotel…

want to know more, check out her blog la…

sorry guys… i can’t link u there becoz no permission to so…

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p/s Purposely din link it here coz 2me it’s nt complete…neway if u insist, feel free to drop be here.

siamese secret is not halal coz got sell beer and liquor and wine…but serve no pork…

Thanks 4 d info above…hope it helps 2 clear d curiosity among our muslim readers… :smiley:

well…from what i can see…a lot of muslim ppl in miri here go there to eat…not to say wanna offend the readers…but the fact is…i see a lot of muslim ppl go to the place where they dont serve pork but dont have the halal logo…so this siamese secrets is ok la…hehehe


Basically, term halal means the food prepared accordingly to the rules (hukum) i.e sembelih, cukup umur, etc and from a justifiable halal source…and some more literal explanation which is i’m not in the position to elaborate… 8)

liquor and beer is haram for muslim…
but a glass with liquor and beer can be washed with water and then can be used by muslim, but not when a plate/pan used to serve/cook pork…the plate need to be ‘samak’.

So, as long as a muslim sure with the way the food is prepared, the source and the ingredients etc…the food is ‘eatable’ err…mean halal la dengan yakin

hehe…for me, if the restaurant is not serving pork ,and not using ingredients that is non-halal i.e wine, pork related etc, and the place is clean…its ok
but usually if i’m not sure on above, when accompanying my non-muslim friend to those restaurant - i’ll just drink and eat something like roti, ais krim…hehe, ‘hati kawan mau kena jaga maa…’

happy to live in a community that understand and compromise with the way we live…respect each other.

cheers 8)

Hi guys, for your info. one of the cooks inside the kitchen is my schoolmate and he’s a muslim … :lol: :lol: :lol: … I hope this will convince you guys … by the way he also have partnership at this padang kerbau stall … if I’m not mistaken it should be BAMBOO somethings … :wink: :wink: :wink:

eh daniel 7575…i tot u are the bos…coz the bos is by the name of daniel too…and his car plate number is 775…hehehe…the malay guy is azman…my friend back in slippery senoritas…and there is another malay gurl also in the kitchen…

M_Izat,glad to see your explanation on Halal.Certainly mutual respect for each others race and religion will make this country wonderful place to live in.

I had the same doubt about Halal at Ming Cafe…as few of my muslim friends wanted to go there.But I confirmed with the staffs,they do not mix chefs,cooking utensils and plates and have few muslim workers from Indonesia.

Do you mind If I ask you,will you go to a restaurant where you are not sure of Halal status but other muslims go for makan?

Everytime when i have meal in Siamese secret, i valued the service charge that i paid for. :smiley:

[quote=“Bones”]Do you mind If I ask you,will you go to a restaurant where you are not sure of Halal status but other muslims go for makan?[/quote]For me, I care for what I eat. Sometimes we can see that there’s no pork on the menu… but who knows if the food is cooked with wine.

If was-was… better don’t. There are other places to eat.

Like in West Peninsular… regardless any kind of food place… Chinese or Korean or Thai… they have the halal certification… not like in Miri. Even Malay restaurants also did not apply for it.

So, r u saying Malay restaurants in Miri r nt halal bro?? :?

So, r u saying Malay restaurants in Miri r nt halal bro?? :?[/quote]i would say they are not ‘certified halal’… not that they’re not halal… i don’t dare to make such claim. later everyone flame at me… lol.

But fastfood outlets do have the halal certification though.

I can say that this place is value for money and the only food that they serve (that I have noticed) which is haram I would say is the Fish & Chips and as in the menu, it is coated with Beer Batter. But it is delicious.


So, r u saying Malay restaurants in Miri r nt halal bro?? :?[/quote]

Perhaps Miri people are less paranoid.

In Peninsular, well, you have people panicked over a 5 ringgit that had a flag poll looking liking a cross.

lepeh mentality that is.Hati malaya 1957…duh.

Glad sarawakian are more tolerated.Thumbs up.