Is now good time to buy house?

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i don’t think the house is that expensive…

its the land…like prodigy…the fat of the land…

tanah nek tok makin mahal oooo…[/quote]

most of the times it was the land value that is increasing but the condition of the house also contribute to the selling price, when browsing several forum on the net i found out that the price of house in certain area remain unchanged for so many years due other criteria …crime rate in the area, traffic, the behavior of community lives in that area, public facilities available and their condition, location (next to hospital, park or industrial, etc) flood (senadin area, some having problem with the toilet when continuously heavy rain) and etc, which took into account for property valuer.

Not sure when the property market will be mature in Miri, the price of house for example SPNB, the same design but 50% more expensive then in Kuching. It seem the price increase influence by agents, valuer and speculations such that some mega mall will be built and big company will come and invest. When you browsing in you can see some of the properties really expensive. Don’t know if state gov can help or not, lower and middle income wouldn’t be able to buy house if continue like this.

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I need advice from u guys regarding my legal fees :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: