Is my computer having problem?

i bought a 2gb transcend ddr2-667 ram as an addon to my existing 1gb ram. i should be seeing a total of 3gb ram from my computer but it only showing 2gb only. why is it not showing 3gb but only 2gb? what happen to the other 1gb ram?

Are you using Windows XP??

Is the ram speed same as ur existing one? 667MHz?

[quote=“Eugene91”]Are you using Windows XP??

Is the ram speed same as ur existing one? 667MHz?[/quote]
Yes, I am using Windows XP SP3 and the RAM speed is the same as the 1gb one ie. 667mhz. I am thinking to run on dual-channel but now, I am not sure whether I am running on dual-channel or not. Anyway, that is not important for now. I am more keen to recover the missing 1gb ram. Are you good with computer? I hope you can help here… Thank you!

Troubleshoot the ram and slots. Insert only the 2GB ram to any of the slot and see if the post/bios screen sees 2GB ram or not. Then try both RAMS together and see if you can see 3GB of ram or not.

Oh, you cant run dual channel with 2 different capacity ram if im not mistaken. it’ll always be single channel.

its trouble shooting time. Time to test your POST

err…is it trus that some/ most of the medium priced laptops

can only run on 2g max and not more? :?:

Dual-CHannel should be automatic…

Windows XP has the limitation up to 2GB of RAM only

Use Windows 7 :smiley:

[quote=“Eugene91”]Dual-CHannel should be automatic…

Windows XP has the limitation up to 2GB of RAM only

Use Windows 7 :D[/quote]

say, eugene, is it because i use win7 then i can use more 2g ram?

what about the existing bits and stuff?

won’t they be affected?

i mean like the existing lappy i’m using now, i upgrade it to win7 from

previously winxp? :?:

sori aaa…ada noob sikit aku pasal benda tok… :mrgreen:

uikssss…now that is a possibility…

do you want us to boycott that company by the name of…

could that happen?? it was a sealed pack. i have to cut it to take the ram out.

Well there is suppose to be a label showing you the RAM size right? Got pic?

[quote=“Eugene91”]Windows XP has the limitation up to 2GB of RAM only

Use Windows 7 :D[/quote]
Wrong. Winxp 32bit have a limitation of 3.2GB RAM, while Winxp 64bits has no limitation. This happens in all 32bits Windows if im not mistaken. Try going to task manager and see whats your total physical memory when you have more than 4GB ram and using 32bits windows. Any 32bits windows have that limitation as far as i know.

Yea… i still think its 2GB…

My cousins system has 3GB on it but detects 2GB only…

Theoratically its supposed to support 3.2GB RAM as said by GeminiGeek…

For Windows Vista or 7 32BIT if u have 4GB it depends some will say u have 4GB(3.25GB Usable/3.5GB Usable/3.75GB Usable)

did some research before i bought my ram last time, found that my motherboard only support up to 2gb. try check urs?

how do we check for the compatibility? :?:

check the model? like my motherboard is asus p5gz-mx, i check the specs n max ram, installed with no prob.

Possible problems:

  1. you kena scam. its actually 1gb when the label says 2gb.
  2. your mobo cant support more than 2gb. check the post screen for best answer.
  3. too much ram is allocated for your onboard graphics, thus you only see 2gb.

Faulty slots or rams couldnt be the problem, cos any of those being faulty can cause your whole pc unbootable. Try reseting bios to optimized defaults or safe defaults and see if you can see your full ram capacity or not.

Oh yes, don use 32bits. If you are, use the /3gb switch to get all your rams. 32bits is out. I only have 2GB rams and im using 64bits. Easier future upgrade and well, no need format after i upgrade to 4GB ma… :smiley:

Put the 2GB RAM you bought and take out the old 1GB RAM.

Start your system, see if it says 1GB or 2GB then you know if your 2GB RAM is really 2GB.

test ur ram 1 by 1 them.