Is MIRI a community?

Query is directed to the founder of this site… Is MIRI a community or clan in Malaysia? javascript:emoticon(’:?:’)

I belong to a a community or categorised as tribal javascript:emoticon(’:oops:’)
Embarassedby Govt. of India… Name of our tribe is Mishing or Miri (as called by other communities)… Mishing people dependent on agriculture for living & are self reliant & self-sufficient…

We are of mongoloid origin and since time immemorial our people loved residing on the banks of river Brahmaputra (NE India)… since during ancient times there were no roads, best option was river transport… & unlike now Brahmaputra happen to be of manageable width and hardly there was excess flooding… but now, b’coz of deforestation, massive siltation on riverbed always driven the river to change its course towards human habitations…

Hi doleyg,

Firstly, welcome Basically Miri (which happens to have the same name of your tribe) is the name of a city in Malaysia. You may find more information about our city from Wikipedia here:

I hope that answers your question.

hi doleyg,

Welcome to…or The Community of Miri… :lol:

Thanx Jack… i thought we have decedents in Malayasia!!!

Hello doleyg, Welcome to…hope u will make new frens here.