Is megaman x5 still popular among teenagers?

is it still popular or what?

wad is megaman ?

i like X4 better,use cheat to get the ultimate armor…just need to nova strike till the enemy is dead…best ah…i forgot how to use the code liao…it was about 9 years ago when i played X4…

i only played megaman x,x2 and x3 and man that was back in the snes era. anyone played metal gear (dont have the word “solid” yet, snes) back then?LOL, its the hardest game i ever played in my entire life!

i played silent hill at night back in the old days…scared me to death…really creepy…

i like x4 music

i prefer Megaman X4, using Zero.

I used to play Megamen X3.But that was ages ago.Hehe

now playing megamen exe on NDS…nice man…

Teens these days will think Megaman as a boring game. Its the generation where Dota, Counter Strike, Battlefield, Team Fortress 2, WOW, MMORPGs, etc. rule the gaming scene.

To ask if teenagers are playing megaman is akin to asking of teenagers if they are listening to the 1980s music.

hehehe, retro games sometime very nostalgia. have replay value.