Is it true?>>>Did U cry?

I did not cry for Steve jobs just felt sad because he was a great man and was a great lost to the world of tech…About Children dying around the world because of malnutrition,war and diseases the most I can do is give some donation if any and just be thankful for what I have because how bad my life is now it can’t be bad as they life…

Famous people die others will keep in mind forever, therefore for the children die of hunger will get sympathize and donation from the world.

die hard apple fans cry. what if bill gates pass away will windows fans cry for it?

We cry for those we know. We don’t cry for those we don’t. Else we all be dead of dehydration already.

how do they know that NO ONE cries at all?

i did cry when i see a sad news about how children in the third world countries died because of food shortage, child abused and etc. …

Nothing is fair in this world. The sun is not fair. The star is not fair. The tiny bacteria inside your gut is not fair. :wink:

I see we have an Apple hater here.

you mean the “Facebook Machines”?

thats all you can do with apple

you mean the “Facebook Machines”?

thats all you can do with apple[/quote]

You care to elaborate why you call it “Facebook Machines”?

pictures speak louder than words

[quote=“Langley”]pictures speak louder than words[/quote]

Its clear that you are Lt Dan. :lol:

whatman butthurt coz he got a MAC and doesnt know how to use it.

lol good one…

now he’s calling people names

apples are also commonly known as “Dummy” machines

I got a MAC? News to me. :lol:

I got a MAC? News to me. :lol:[/quote]

u really butthurt i think but not very good in pretending.


ur zerg tears are so beautiful.


pawning at it’s finest

i am crying tears of laughter right now~!