Is it too over to ask for wedding gift?

I am getting married soon. just something i am curious about… is it wrong to ask for wedding gift instead of the Angpau $$$ ? nowadays, money is not that valuable, thats y thinking of GIFT, is it better?? wanted to list down the items that I was longing for… hehe… is it too over?

why not?

from who you want to ask actually? future husband or guest? if you asking from guest i think its too much

W A L A O…

you lovely future husband is already your great great wedding gift.

if u ask me to bring gift then I will not go
loose face like that

sometime… it is stated on the invitation card… NO GIFT ACCEPTED

y not?

just mention in the card

GIFTS is appreciated

Money is better, seriously. Else, you’ll probably end up with 6 rice cooker, 7 stand fan, 8 toaster, 12 tea sets and 45 picture frames of various sizes. Money tokens can help you cover up the cost. Unless - as i suspect -you’re quite rich and prefer to hoard gifts rather than money.

or… will get a lot of stuff from supasave

But seriously… Do u want guest to come and celebrate with you on the special day or u want to “tax” them? Wedd8ng ceremony is not to get money/present

But between gift and money… Its better money. But TS mentioned about preparing wishlist right? Ohmaigod… What the world is becoming to haha

Wahlao… money not valuable meh?
I think u wanna ask for gold kah? More valuable… but not many people can afford to give gold cos’ getting very expensive liao.

The first time I heard such stupid request for gift rather than cash angpow… with money u can buy whatever items and brands u want, isn’t it better ??? Rather than getting the items / brands that are not suitable for you. Also save the troubles for others to think and chooses the gifts.

On the other hand, gifts could be good also e.g. instead of giving angpow RM100, I could buy something for u at RM80 (save RM20, HEHE)

Why not just accept what they give you and then later you decide what you need and keep and those that you don’t need (that include money) you give/donate it to charity such as red cross, unicef, ophanage, blind centre, etc…

Am starting to wonder if this susanchong is genuine or someone else…
No response at all, just put up the question and disappear

maybe a FaG(forever alone guy) troll in a wedding roleplay fantasy.

I wouldn’t attend to such wedding. Might as well go belanja my family a good meal if your gift is too expensive.

Very well said! You are a very nice man, kind hearted. Not many have your way of thinking.

on my big day last time i didn’t even have time to think about this gift thingy.