Is it not good to have surfing the internet as a hobby?

(Fiffy) #1

My mom always said that i am wasting time and money because always online until late night when got free time.maybe because i use her internet data… mom ask me to pay my own uses.anyone face same issue?anyone know any plan that low pay rate for student?

(panda) #2

how much is your budget? do you working part time currently?
how you can support your monthly data fee?


currently I’m ald upgraded to xpax new plan, they offer for student also
50% more data to us
you may consider it

(qilalala) #4

how bout the price?is it affordable or not…coz many telcos still offer higher price even it is student pack.

(michael) #5

use wifi is more easier laa…or use ur own postpaid…ask ur mom to pay for it…hahahaha


RM30 can get 7.5gb of data
so far other than xpax, I didn’t saw other telco offer for student right now


I think postpaid plan quite expensive for a student
normally at home I will use wifi too, data will use it at outside
so far the quota is enough for me la

(Mat Tempe) #8

yala, mostly student will prefer prepaid plan, when they urgent only reload
I think this xpax plan quite suitable for them

(Fiffy) #10

im still study…i do on9 business…just to tpup my pocket money…if the plan cheap i can pay with my own money…now i use my mom’s money coz postpaid very expnsive…not affordable…now found what plan suit for me :wink:

(Fiffy) #11

i survey bout this plan,the price is really affordable…so i think this no issue for me…we also have a choice when can reload data just when we need right? no commitment for every month to pay bills.the data given by xpax also is enough with the price.