Is desa pujut 2 a good place to live?

the s/d houses there are not bad to me and thinking of getting one to live in.

any comment/s?

very good. Any place in miri is good

not really. i heard permyjaya has high crime rate…

desa pujut consider a very large community and good area to be live in. im personally not live in tat area but most of my frenz and colleque are. they are like relative living close to each others. when something happen, 1 phone call, all arive faster than those ‘BLUE SHIRT’. Got most of the facilities there, school, e-Mart, police station (Virtual and almost not existence), petrol station, shophouses, even church. the residential area is clean and well organised. Crime rate…no comment.

Permy jaya is used to known with high crime rate…but i live here for so many years,nothing happed to me and so as my neighbors …my car park outside didnt lock door,also nothing disappeared…(maybe just my luck,dont try this at home…)school is nearby,e-mart is 5 minuets away…just need to beware children mat rempit driving without license…overall…its a pretty nice place to live…

If you feel comfortable with the first visit to your house. Then you will be happy living there. Area hard to say. :roll:

desa pujut and desa pujut 2 better. i think most of the crime is happening at desa indah and desa indah 2’s area.

bad reputation if you live that way…the slums of Miri

pardon me,what do you mean by SLUMS OF MIRI?

pardon me,what do you mean by SLUMS OF MIRI?[/quote]

Is that so? That area looks ok to me.

By the way, what is your definition of a slump?

you heard…i also heard other place with very high crime rate lar… :mrgreen:

There are many corners of PermyJaya, and not all corners are ‘black area’. Permyjaya is a large township.
Unless we’re talking about Senadin…heheh.

pardon me,what do you mean by SLUMS OF MIRI?[/quote]

It might be normal to you people, but these places are classified as slums
right smack bang in the middle of Permy


i dont totally agree with you, ear. but from your picture, yes. i just dont totally agree with you saying permyjaya is ‘slum of miri’, though i dont live there. as from what i get from my oxford dictionary, slum means ‘a squalid and overcrowded urban area inhabited by very poor people > a house in such place’. but from my own point of view, permyjaya is not too bad, except that it’s quite far from town for me. IMHO

if got many , live at better place lo, if no money , desa pujut is suitable for moderate income resident

in which area of permy got that rubbish collection’s?