Is A Man's Car A Reflection of Him?

What goes ? :?:

what about before 100 years ago?

Nope… becoz I am driving my father’s ferrari and my best fren’s Bentley…

So how is that?? :mrgreen:

reflection as in car attribution = his personality ?

Is that mean if I drive a Kancil, I’m a poor person and if I drive a Ferrari, I’m a super rich person??? :roll:

I guess so… I mean if you’re super rich why would you want to buy a kancil ? unless you’re some sort of kancil collector (??). But Kancil are cool…

i drive proton saga oo…does that mean i am a reliable person like my proton saga?hehehe

i drive Ninja King ppl say that im using father car…the next day i drive proton then they said is my car.

er… yes?

that CB3 belongs to who then?

how bot gurls then ? A preety gurl dress down to earth but she come out from a 1st version of proton saga. What do you think then ?

wot about those who mod their car kaw-kaw?
compensating for imperfect like smalll kuku??

No, unable to evaluate … just as a girl dress up super expensive, doesn’t mean she is materialistic?

i got a feeling tat tis thread is gona become a “flame throwing” “neck chocking” thread sooner or later…just my 2 cents :mrgreen:

p/s: cuz the scope for this topic r very wide

of course la
must use branded clothes (expensive) meh?
parkson boutique oso ok n cheap

I think ho…what kind of car a guy chooses will somehow reflect his preferences…hehe. Like for e.g. ho, if someone chose a hatchback, means that the guy like someone with no butt. If the guy chose a car with big bonnet, then like a girl with big butt.


should be …

dun judge the book by its cover~ :wink:

maybe its a reflection of his “asset” … ahahahahhaahah

if single man he like to show off and modify car
if married man he doesn’t care because already catch the fish