Iran says it has best human rights record in Muslim World

Among all the Muslim nations, who has the most liberal, free, democratic and best human rights records of them all? Iran today has the answer.

Iran Foreign Minister at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

“Iran has the most successful record and experience in terms of human rights among all Muslim countries in the current world,” Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said on Monday. Salehi made the remarks during a speech at the 19th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which was launched in Geneva on February 27 and will end on March 23.

In his speech, Salehi said that Iran has made considerable achievements in the field of human rights, adding that there are elections in the country and that prove the democratic nature of Iran. According to him, the supposedly more liberal Muslim countries like Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia or Lebanon, are all worse off than Iran.

Many countries in the Middle East are governed by authoritarian regimes who do not hold elections.

Salehi also commented on the sanctions imposed on his country, saying that certain Western countries have been exerting pressure on Iran with the aim of depriving the Iranian people of their rights.

On the assassinations of a number of Iranian nuclear scientists, he stated that such actions will not compel the country to change its nuclear policies, adding that the diabolical Western powers and the Zionist regime are supporting such terrorist attacks on Iran.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian foreign minister said that the Human Rights Council is at a critical stage and should make efforts to prevent violations of human rights around the world and the use of the issue of human rights as a tool to realize political objectives.

Salehi also spoke about the Israel-Palestinian conflicts, and said that the Human Rights Council is the most important body where numerous problems facing the Palestinians can be addressed.

On the popular uprisings occurring in the Arab world, the Iranian foreign minister stated that the Arab people should be vigilant about the enemies (Western powers) satanic plot to sow discord among them and should safeguard the achievements of their revolutions.

The response from other Muslim states to the Iranian statement is not yet known.

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With banning everything that comes with technology or comes from the west makes Iran best human rights record? Go to hell lah… It makes Iran with the worst human rights record in history of mankind. Far worst than Hitler…

they can CLAIM this all they want…

but the smart people knows the truth better…

it’s true, look at the rest of the Muslim countries.

Pakistan : cooperating with OBL
Malaysia: rampant corruption and inequality
Indonesia: most corrupt / immoral on the planet (Indon whores are all over)
Saudi : WTF no comment
Syria / Libya / and all others: IN STATE OF TOTAL CHAOS and begging for western intervention

[size=100]Human rights violations in Iran worst for 20 years!![/size]

[quote=“DMsia”]they can CLAIM this all they want…

but the smart people knows the truth better…[/quote]

someone needs not to be smart to know the truth, but he has to be really really stupid to believe those taik lembu… :x

Don’t blame the religion because of one person do bad things.

Blame the people whom make the religion looks bad

[quote=“soundsyst64”]Don’t blame the religion because of one person do bad things.

Blame the people whom make the religion looks bad[/quote]

no point putting blames here and there…

I am content enough to lead my own life, while bother on how THEY lead their life…

as the saying goes, let them go to hell their own way and let me go to hell my own way…