Iran President: If you own business, you are no good!

One day after he declared “the world future belongs to Iran”, Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today blamed businesses for all problems in the world. Ahmadinejad believes capitalism should be abolished and all businesses should not be owned by individuals but state controlled instead.

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Ahmadinejad blames business and capitalism for poverty

(New York - September 21 2010) With protesters demanding his arrest outside the United Nations, inside Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told world leaders to make plans for a new world order led by Iran.

Businesses have caused the suffering of countless women, men and children in so many countries, Ahmadinejad said through a translator Tuesday.

Iran’s president on Tuesday predicted the defeat of capitalism and blamed business for the suffering of millions, but Germany’s chancellor said market economies were key to lifting the world’s least developed countries out of poverty.

Delivering his speech, Ahmadinejad says, “Businesses is akin to “undemocratic and unjust” global decision-making bodies, which are dominated by the United States and other Western powers.” While Ahmadinejad didn’t single out any country, he said world leaders, thinkers and global reformers should “spare no effort” to make practical plans for a new world order led by Iran.

Soon afterward, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the world’s fourth-largest economic power, took an opposite tack, likely speaking for the rest of the capitalist world.

Stressing that “the primary responsibility for development lies with the governments of the developing countries,” she said the key to economic prosperity was good governance and a flourishing capitalist economy.

“The countries themselves must promote the development of a market economy…for without self-sustaining economic growth developing countries will find the road out of poverty and hunger too steep to travel,” Merkel said.

The German leader said international assistance can’t substitute for domestic resources, warned that “development aid cannot continue indefinitely” and declared that “support for good governance is as important as aid itself.”