Ipoh Kopitiam, Centre Point Miri

Hi all,

Some info to share.
Just went to Ipoh Kopitiam for the first time for lunch.
I’m shocked to see their waitresses & waiters have long & dirty nails! They carry the plates & bowls in such a way that their thumbs (with long nails) are touching the food! yuckk!
They don’t say “excuse me” when squeezing between us and extending their arm in front of our face to put the order chit on the table.
My friend’s chicken curry with tamarind rice has a strand of long hair in it.
The food serving portion is small.

This is my first and last time patronising Ipoh Kopitiam.

Hello TripleM, Welcome to MC.net.

Thanks for sharing your info with us. Ya, first impression is important.

Any where we go, service and first impression is very important. Good news travel slow…bad news…u know what i mean (faster then a speeding train).

Sounds like typical ‘kopi tiam’ routine to me…

Ya, the place really needed some improvement in their service. the waiter and waitress should learn to speak better English for example. i doubt that they will survive here if they don’t do something about it.

TripleM… Welcome to Mc.net and thanks for sharing your info with us and I do agree as per what nightwing said " first impression is important."

Ipoh Kopi tiam… being there one time… arrr what I see

  1. Choices are limited
  2. Portion is small too
  3. Price is expensive for what they offer… as I would expect more from
    what I pay…

So that is from me… :roll:

Welcome TripleM! thanks for the information

been there once oni…

for me, no so bad. the environment is good. combination of modern and classic feel. the food taste good but the drink, ok oni. price wise, not so bad. still consider worth wat i’m paying for. but surely not a place whr i’ll will be hanging out often…

My dua sen…

Environment - 7/10 - good place to hang around for chit chat
Food - 3/10 - Nasi lemak not good. Lum mee no taste at all.
Service - 4/10 - waited for 1 hr the first time i went thr.
Pricing - 3/10 - Definitely not worth the money

hopefully some members in the forum knows the boss of the shop… and could help us pass the comments and inputs to them and hope to see some improvements in future… otherwise… that place won’t last long if the remain the same… correct or not?

The boss is Albert Lim Motor Son-in Law if i’m not mistaken.

I see Kopitiam as an upgrade from the Kedai Kopi nowadays and in those days. I think it will slowly replace the normal kedai kopi in time to come and of course with the upgrading of their look and decor, service must also follow suit. If converting into a kopitiam just to increase the price and not the service and hygiene, then it will be better to visit the mamak stalls where drinks are cheaper and hygenic wise about the same.

Good of you TripleM to raise this issue as it is a wake up call for kopitiam operators in the country and those who are planning to set up a new kopitiam. Mayeb one day with proper upgrading and service it can stand alongside Starbucks, Coffee Beans, Tea Leaf etc.

ouch :?

Been ter few times n I liked d food n d environment…8 d moment d kopitiam is on ‘test run business’ n I do agree on d small food portion thingy. Wonder whthr d owner know abt MC.Net coz if he does, our comments here are constructively good 4 him 2 keep his business running in long term.

Like lst nite, 4 d 1st time I tried ‘Ipoh Town Steam Chicken wt Bean Sprout’ tat cost me RM6.80. Ter r only 4 pieces of chicken meat placed nxt 2 d bean sprouts served on a small plate. It taste delicious 2 me bt looking 8 d small portion of it, I can eat 2 plates of d same dish at Wisma Hopoh o even 8 d open air market with tat kind of price. :smiley:

But still I would go back n dine ter…simply bcoz of d damn creamy tasty Ipoh Town White Coffeeeeeeeeeeeeee nyum nyum nyuummyyyyyyy… :lol:

Nothing beats “mee ah tak” at old lutong town open air market. Only rm 1.00 per plate :smiley:

Btw, i’ve tried the coffee shop directly opposite the ipoh kopitiam, the kolo mee costs around rm 2.00, cheaper & tastes good. Teh c peng also not bad, just nice (not very thick & not too sweet).

i think u mean next to ipoh kopi tiam… i guess…

if that claim is coupled with photo evidence, that would be quite nice.

haven’t been there but will go and have a look how bad it is XD.

Went there last night. Not as bad as some make it out to be, unless you have Parisian restaurant service expectations.

My opinions:

I can’t understand why we have to pencil in the orders ourselves, and then have the waiter pencil over it again to reconfirm our orders. Isn’t that redundant and not worth the service charge?

Price-wise, it cost us RM9.60 for three simple drinks and a simple bun. No how rich you are, it’s doesn’t feel worth it. The bread is great though (haven’t tried the other dishes).

An old-school ‘kopi tiam’ should have the aroma of coffee, and the coffee should be at least somewhat easily affordable. Instead, half of the time I smell cigarette smoke because there is no smoking / non-smoking designation since being Malaysians, people just smoke and blow off their lung-waste into the air, even pointing their heads up, which ends up spread everywhere.

Because of its closed-design, the chatter inside the patrons make are deafening, and the music tries to fight that too, making more noise in the process. Although there is a lot of lights, it still seems oddly dim inside. There are no ‘outside’ tables.

Unfortunately I think Ipoh Kopi Tiam tries too hard to be old-school without the actual feel of the old-school coffee shops, and at the same time tries to be high-end but missing out the high-end feel to it.

Things I do like are the furnishing, the uniqueness of some of the food and the fact that the owner(s) are willing to bring in and try out something new. Better staff training and no redundant ordering, and slightly more affordable drinks / foods would’ve been better.

My rating : 6/10

poor ian… yeah i have to admit the Ipoh Town Kopitiam is in a critical condition either in their services or even food… i hate their POlo Bun… just a burger shape bun with Butter in it and cost me 2.50… =_=" speechless and my colleague still say it taste good …gosh her tongue and eyes sure got problem
anyway… 2 thumbs down to this kopitiam…Booo~~~~~~~

LOL at those critics. It somehow makes me felt like going there and have a go at it. Will certainly post comment bout it.

Bloggers is becoming powerful in (FREE) advertising for businesses (or can become a nuisance for them) Maybe one day we can see notices in shops that reads like this: “Bloggers are not welcome. No Cameras allowed” LOL.

Keep up the good work bloggers. It information for readers.