Ipod's battery

Can we get the battery for Ipod (model Ipod Classic 4GB) to be changed? It’s pretty much dead, will only last for an hour. If yes, do we have that kind of service in Miri? The reseller centre in Bintang is out of the league.

ipod touch 4gb isit?

try call apple help center? they will check against ur serial num etc and maybe they can advise on the correct procedure.

If you want to save some money go to youtube and search “how to replace ipod (your model) battery?” Go online either ebay or amazon and buy the correct battery for your model.
I did the same for my iphone 3GS screen and saved myself 40% at that time.

Try a.r.m…i think they repair most gadgets today.

085 - 414 770, 424 770 and 425 770…just call first to confirm…