Ipod Nano (2nd generation) ~RM750

My company has a big lot of Ipod Nano (2nd generation) for sale.
There are two types:

1gb ~ RM750
2gb~ RM 1350

This version of ipod nano can play audio and videos. It’s a FM tuner and a text reader as well. These ipod nanos have very sleek design and its small. great for those who loves watching their fav video clip on ipod and cant live without their music.

For better deal on these awsome gadgets, or you’re interested in other items, please contact me:

You dun have the 4GB ones? hehe i have one already and my feedback that its an awesome ‘toy’ to purchase when u have additional cash to spare.


the 4gb ones are not in stock yet. dunno when they are coming in. for now i only have the 1gb n 2gb

those pics up there are 1st gen nanos not 2nd gen. 2nd gen has more square sides.