Iphone SE Launched In Malaysia!

My dream phone ahhh. Spec better than Iphone 6 and it is cheaper.
Wish to have one but my budget is low. Sob

How much is your budget? Buy another brand lah. Either buy with telco plan sekali

What is buy with telco plan? Will be cheaper meh?

I want Iphone SE only wor. Dont like android geh…but i know IOS is quite expensive
Whats your plan?

Buy with telco package can let you pay monthly bill with phone installment. So that you can use your phone immediately. Something like buying car lah.

I knew Celcom got some good plan. My friends keep asking me to change and use the same phone with them lol

Can you show me the details? Which plan is the cheapest one?
I dont use data much. Dont intro me the expensive one

How long is the contract will be? I’m finding for two years contract with lower price.

You can search for this celcom first blue plan. This is the cheapest one in celcom. I think it suit your needed right?

Celcom plan you can choose for 1 year or 2 years agreement. It is optional

Now is iphone 7 d!!! no more SE LOL! i cannnntt waitttt. at least malaysia dont need to wait till dec only get. yeshhh!

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